Detroit lions dog tag

Detroit lions dog tag

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Detroit lions dog tag with 2 inked

Dogs with 2 inked for the Detroit Lions

Dogs with 2 inked for the Detroit Lions


The Detroit Lions had nine teams with two inked dogs in 2013, according to a compilation of team rosters obtned from Five of them are named, listed as “DeMarco,” “Chad,” “Frazier,” “Frisco,” and “Max.” “DeMarco” wears No. 53, and “Frazier” No. 53. Max wears No. 49.

As for the remning four teams with two, there’s no names listed, but it appears two are with the Indianapolis Colts. They’re inked as

, “Colts” and “Bucs.” Bucs wears No. 43. Colts wears No. 47.

The other two teams with two, as a reminder, are the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins.

As for the Texans, the four-letter word, we’ll take note.

— Joe St. Juste, sports columnist

I’ll take DeMarco on a drive to the end zone.

In case you missed it, DeMarco (see last photo), is the 2013 Detroit Lions with a No. 53 jersey.

The team had two inked dogs as well last year, including an old dog named Max who wears No. 49.

DeMarco was the first of the Lions’ inked, though he did not get the starting job, which went to a young rookie out of BYU, Ameer Abdullah.

He did, however, start his first NFL game in week seven last season and scored his first NFL touchdown in week 13 in Detroit’s 27-23 win over the Tennessee Titans.

— Joe St. Juste, sports columnist

Just read the fine print.

While it’s not as bad as the Texans’ four-letter word, here’s the NFL and NFLPA’s statement on the inked dogs:

“In the years since players were first allowed to have inked pets, the NFL has had a strict policy that requires all NFL players to be inked and remn on team grounds at all times during the season. On Oct. 31, 2014, the NFL and NFLPA announced a new policy that permits players to be inked, under certn circumstances, at team-operated facilities outside of their homes.

To avoid confusion with the new policy, players who do not wish to have their pet inked at an NFL facility may request a temporary exemption from the rule by submitting a request to the commissioner of the league office at least 24 hours before the inking.

Players must still be in compliance with NFL Rules regarding the ownership, care and treatment of pets, as well as being in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws. Any pet that is deemed a distraction to the team or is deemed to pose a threat to other players, employees or other guests is subject to ejection from the premises.”

We’ll just call this one: The new policy is fine. Because we’re sure there’s plenty more to come with this new inking rule. (Just like the new non-compete.)

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