Cat Tricks: Teaching Paws

If you want to teach your cat "give paws", you need a little patience - because even if velvet paws are clever and skillful, it takes some persuasion to practice tricks with them. "Giving paws" on command is not as easy for cats as for dogs - Image: Shutterstock / marinaks

The easiest way to learn small tricks is when you have a four-legged friend at home who is easy to learn and combines with play, fun and a few tricks. Of course, something has to jump out for your pet. So equip yourself with a few treats for cats before you start training.

The command "Give paws"

Sit in front of your pet for practice and keep a few treats hidden in one hand. Hold your cat's other hand at eye level with a little distance.

Your cat will now await the snacks in the empty hand and will most likely raise its paw to look for them. Just as she puts her paw in your hand, say "give paws" and then reward yourself with a snack and with your praise by voice. The aim of this exercise is that after a while the cat gives the paw with a command and a positive confirmation.

Repetition and support by clickers

It will take a while for your cat to combine pawing with command. Repeat the exercise for a few weeks every day at a good moment, so when your pet is ready to play, and never forget the "give paw" command and the reward.

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If you do clicker training with your cat, you can of course use the clicker for the reward, because it makes it easier for you.

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