Can cats have cheerios

Can cats have cheerios

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Can cats have cheerios for dinner?

If a cat wants his supper, there’s one sure way to make sure that supper gets served, and there’s only one dish he’ll try:


There’s something about that word that just sets off his little hunting instincts.

Cheerios are the perfect dish for a cat.

I like to have them ready for him, right at the table.

When my cat, Cajun, comes up to the table, his ears are instantly erect.

His paws are ready to move in any direction, either to land on the dish, or to swipe at it with his tongue.

Cajun is definitely not afraid to try the catnip-covered treats.

He’s never tried a bite of a real biscuit yet, but if a bowl full of the stuff gets near his paws, it’s definitely going in.

Cajun, with his golden-brown fur and his dark eyes, looks much like a miniature version of his ancestor, our black cat, Cajun.

Cajun can’t stay away from treats

I think he’d be a great model for a feline version of the famous “Canine Candy Striper” dog cookie jars.

Cajun has a thing for treats.

At any moment he’ll have some kind of snack going.

If it’s kibble, he’ll eat a bowlful.

If it’s kibbles and biscuits, he’ll eat the biscuits.

He’s never met a treat that he didn’t want to try, and he’ll eat all the food in sight.

Even if he’s not hungry, he’ll get a cookie out of the cookie jar.

He loves having a kibbles and treats time with me and he’s always willing to oblige.

A kibbles and treats time with me, with Cajun in his usual spot

Cajun’s kibble and biscuits are usually the only thing he’ll eat all day.

He’ll eat some food, but if I’m away from home or have a lot of work to do, he’ll get hungry quickly.

When he’s really hungry, he’ll find me if I’m in the house.

If I’m not home, he’ll go in another room until he decides to go looking for me.

Sometimes, if he hasn’t had enough to eat, he’ll go looking for a spot where he can get a little nap.

That’s how I’ll usually find him when he’s curled up on the couch.

He’s so happy to see me when I get home

One of the best things about Cajun is his happiness.

Cajun is so glad to see me when I walk in the door, he’ll jump up and start doing his happy wiggling dance.

He’ll even jump up on the chair, if it’s within his reach, so that he can greet me properly.

He’s so happy to see me, he’ll wiggle his tail in glee.

Sometimes, if I’ve been working late, or if I’m still in the same clothes from the day, he’ll get a bit confused, but when I start putting some clothes on, he’ll start wiggling again and I know it means I’m finally going to be home.

When I come home to a happy Cajun, I’m glad to be home, too.

Cajun doesn’t want to get up on a chair just to see me

Like many cats, Cajun doesn’t really want to have to jump up on a chair just to greet me.

I do my best to get him to jump up for a greeting, but if he decides not to, that’s ok, too.

If I need to talk to him, I’ll just put my hand in front of his face and he’ll start wiggling his head and trying to get a good look at me.

If it’s something really important, I’ll get him to look at me with his ears up.

I’ll take that as a pretty good indication that he’s ready to do what I want him to do.

It’s one of my favorite things about Cajun, how glad he is to be around me.

Cajun is the most grateful cat I’ve ever met.

He has this wonderful thing where, if I give him a treat, he’ll give me a treat.

He’s always ready to help.

He’s not really a “meowing” cat, he’s a “talking” cat.

If there’s a problem, he’ll look at me with his eyes and say, “I know.”

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