Raising Cats: The Command "No"

When raising cats, clear boundaries are a must. So that our beloved four-legged friends also keep them, we make it easier for us if we teach them a command like "No" from the start. We explain how this works here. Raising cats: The command "No" should be known to all house tigers - picture. Shutterstock / Pugovica88

First of all, the "no" is an arbitrary command when raising cats. You can also choose another word to make your cat understand that her behavior is undesirable (for example, "Let it go!").

It is important that you always choose the same word and emphasize it in a similar way: as strictly as possible and with a clear, loud voice, without yelling at the animal.

Teach cats the "no" command: how does it work?

Raising cats is not easy. It is all the more important that you are consistent from the start and stay on the ball. An undesirable behavior could, for example, be jumping on the kitchen counter. If you want to get rid of your velvet paw, there are two important rules: Be quick and offer her a good alternative.

As soon as your cat gets ready to jump on the kitchen counter or even sits on it, her strict "No" comes into play and signals to the cat that her behavior is undesirable. Take them down after the command and put them in another place where their natural behavior (for example lying on an elevated place) is allowed.

Raising cats: offer alternatives and set clear boundaries

A good alternative to the kitchen counter would be a cat tree with a viewing platform, for example. This is where you praise and pet your cat. Even a treat can reinforce your positive behavior. Repeat the "say no - offer alternative" process until your cat understands where you want to behave and where you don't.

It is important for the communication between you and your cat that it is clearly defined what it is allowed to do and what it is not allowed to do. Not only your cat should adhere to the house rules, but also every family member. If your beloved parlor tiger is not allowed on the kitchen counter, no family member can allow her!

Understanding and raising cats: advice and specialist literature

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If the "no" is not enough

Anyone who has a young, particularly adventurous cat and realizes that she won't be impressed by a "no" can resort to an aid: water, for example from a flower sprayer, has proven itself. If the "no" is ignored, a small gentle shower follows immediately after the deed.

But never forget: The more busy a young animal is, the less it does it. Therefore, deal extensively with your animal and offer him, in addition to petting, lots of play and to do opportunities.