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Friendly and lively: The Boston Terrier

His character makes the cute Boston Terrier a real sunshine. Here you can find out what properties it gives its owners pleasure. The Boston Terrier is a loyal soul - Image: Shutterstock / Ron Rowan Photography

Active, lively and lively: The Boston Terrier is a bundle of energy that loves to spend a lot of play and cuddle time with its owners. In principle, it is a good beginner dog because it is uncomplicated and adaptable.

Boston Terrier: an endearing character

The Boston Terrier is a very friendly four-legged friend with whom living together is fun. Aggressiveness and malice are alien to him, so he usually gets along well with children. He is gentle and cheerful towards people and animals and is also very reliable when walking, provided he has received a good upbringing and socialization.

It is sensitive and therefore cannot handle hardness at all. A loving, fair and gentle handling with him should ultimately be a matter of course. His affectionate, loyal manner ensures that the four-legged friend would like to be everywhere and follow his beloved people at every turn.

A smart, curious dog

The Boston Terrier is incredibly smart and loves to learn new things. Studying tricks and tricks is usually just as easy for him as realizing the basics of dog training. The American four-legged friend quickly understands what he is allowed to do and what is not, and would like to keep his head busy with a little bit of work.

Boston Terrier: An American family dog

The watchful dog usually takes good care of the house and yard, but is not a barker.

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