Greyhound: A dog that needs a lot of exercise

If you want to buy a greyhound, you should keep in mind that an attitude in the city is not suitable for him. Even if he is calm and cozy in the house, he needs long, extensive walks and stretches, on which he has free rein. A trip to the beach is fun for the greyhound - Image: Shutterstock / Tsik

Two things make the greyhound particularly happy when it comes to keeping it: on the one hand, the proximity to its people in a cozy, loving home, and on the other hand the opportunity to let off steam on a daily basis.

The greyhound in the field

As a lightning-fast greyhound with a great urge to move, the greyhound needs a lot of exercise. He likes to run for a long time, but his freewheel can be enjoyed with caution without a lead. His hunting instinct could cause him to run away or be unpleasantly noticed by poaching - so always keep an eye on him or keep him on a leash. Taking the dog on a bike is also a great idea so that he can meet his running needs.

Anyone who takes him to the dog beach, a field or a racetrack in between will make him happy, because he wants to cover distances of at least 500 meters in one go, and there he has the opportunity to do so.

A calm dog in the house

In the house or apartment, the greyhound is calm and cozy. He likes warm, cozy places near his people and should not be left much alone, because he does not like that very much.

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Its short, soft fur requires little care. Caring for it from time to time with a soft brush is enough to remove dead skin cells and improve blood circulation to the skin.