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Belgian Shepherd Dog: Education Tips

A Belgian Shepherd has a very special character. You should have a strong hand when raising and plan a lot of time. Consistency and loving interaction are equally important. Take a lot of time to train your Belgian Shepherd - Image: Shutterstock / DragoNika

If you want to train a representative of these former herding dogs, you shouldn't be a beginner in keeping dogs. A Belgian Shepherd dog and its nature are demanding. Training this dog takes time, consistency and a lot of know-how.

Education of the breed

If you take in your new family member with an average of ten to twelve weeks, you should start with the upbringing as quickly as possible. The German Shepherd puppy should learn the basics immediately. Since this breed is very fixated on its "pack" or its leader, it is important that you quickly establish yourself as such and that the dog accepts you.

As a breed herding dog, a Belgian herding dog has the blood to defend its family. Depending on whether you actually want to use your pet as a watchdog, you can tolerate this behavior or train it as quickly as possible.

Belgian Shepherd Dog: Active family dog

Belgian Shepherd Dog: Help from the Expert

A dog school or a dog trainer can support you in raising the German Shepherd. On the course, your pet not only learns how to deal with you, but also has to socialize directly with other dogs. This can definitely help you, especially on later walks. In general, a lot of activity is also very important for the dog during the training phase - when he is busy, he is much more capable of learning and attentive.