Walk in the forest with the blind cat Honey Bee

Honey Bee is a very special cat. Without any eyesight, she enjoys her life to the fullest and even dares to go into the forest with her owners. How she seems to take in the impressions around her with all other senses is great to see ...

Honey Bee is a foundling and, after being rescued, was initially taken to an animal shelter. Shortly thereafter, she found a beautiful new home in America and became a real little adventurer there. Of course, she is dependent on particularly careful owners who take good care of her, as well as a particularly cat-safe home, but luckily she found it.

A very special walk

It is really surprising that Honey Bee trusts her people so much that she even likes to walk with them. Secured with a cat harness, she enjoys the fresh forest air and the new surroundings very much, which is really very unusual for a cat. When she is exhausted, she sits on the owner's shoulder and can be carried, and in between a break with water and food should not be missing. She can even sleep on the go, namely in the tote bag that her owner took with her for her.

If you want to learn more about the great cat Honey Bee, you can find lots of nice pictures and information about her on her Facebook page.

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