Golden Retriever: Tips for keeping

The Golden Retriever is a devoted, active and sporty dog. His attitude should beExercise and employment needs must be taken into account. The Golden Retriever loves long walks - Image: Shutterstock / jurra8

A loving home with owners who have a lot of time for him is just right for him.

Playing, cuddling, walking: The Golden Retriever needs a lot of everything and as daily as possible. As a family dog, not only qualify him because of his friendly nature, but also that he likes to spend a lot of time with his people.

Use the golden retriever well

The beautiful dog with the golden fur needs a lot of exercise and should be allowed to walk for several hours a day. If you take him with you on a bike or as a companion for riding, you will meet this need very well, but walking is of course also fun.

Retrievers are born workhorses and enjoy the tasks that they require. Vary the routes during your walks to make your pet happy and also choose paths that meet his love for water. Swimming, romping in the water and retrieving dog toys from the cool water are his great passion.

Important: avoid boredom

It is very important to meet this dog's need for employment. If he is not balanced, the otherwise well behaved and meek dog can tend to show behavioral problems: boredom is poison for him. Various dog sports, training as a companion dog or the like challenge the dog, make it fun and can be combined well with beautiful walks every day.

Golden Retriever: An ideal dog for the whole family

Whether you keep him in the house or in the apartment: Remember that your dog is very affectionate and reluctant to be alone a lot. A posture outside the house is therefore not suitable for this dog. At home he is rather calm and really a pure family dog: this four-legged friend does not normally come up with a guard and protective drive.

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