The croissant and the bird feeding station

"Oh delicious, bird food," says the sweet croissant in this beautifully filmed animal video and tries to climb onto the shaky feeding station. What happens next is not going according to plan ...

This practical feeding station was not directly hung up for the cute croissant, but you will be allowed to take a little bit, it seems to be the case. However, it only notices that the device is designed for much smaller and naturally feathered animals when it tries to hang on, slipping and falling.

Fortunately, this little squirrel video also has a happy ending: not only the squirrel, but also a few of the coveted feed grains have fallen down and eating on the floor seems to be just right for the sweet guy.

This is how you can help wild animals in winter

Brrr, soon it will be really cold outside, and while we are comfortable in the cozy living room ...