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Cats: tips for a good immune system

A good immune system is also important for cats. The immune defense can be strengthened primarily through nutrition, but also with homeopathic remedies. You can help your velvet paw with these tips and tricks. Diet plays an important role in the cat's defenses - Image: Shutterstock / g215

A good immune system is important so that your cat's body can defend itself against diseases as best it can. Environmental influences such as stress, lack of exercise or medication affect not only human health, but also cats. Many factors play a role in a strong immune system.

Nutrition for a good immune system

An important basis is healthy and balanced cat food, with which the velvet paws absorb all the important nutrients. For cats, meat is particularly important for a healthy diet. This gives the animals proteins and fats that they need for good immune defense. An antioxidant complex is particularly important: vitamins E and C as well as taurine and lutein protect the body cells together and thus strengthen the immune system.

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Cats: More tips on immune defense

In addition to the feed, the immune system can also be improved by other means. A popular method is homeopathy. Here, the cats are either given preventive over a long period of time or acutely given certain homeopathic remedies that strengthen the immune system. These include, for example, Echinacea, the coneflower, or the resin propolis produced by bees. But classic honey and the jungle plant cat's claw also have a positive effect on the immune system.