Buying Havanese puppies: you have to consider that

If you are thinking about buying a dog and buying a Havanese puppy, there are a few things to consider in preparation and selection. Already at the breeder you should keep your eyes and ears open. Havanese puppies should be at least ten weeks old when purchased - Image: Shutterstock / Sandra Huber

The small dogs from Cuba are friendly family animals. If you want to buy a Havanese puppy, you choose a patient, affectionate four-legged friend. In order for you to get a healthy animal that feels comfortable in your home, you should inform yourself well in advance: Do I have enough time to look after a dog that is so focused on its owner or owner? Can I take care of the regular grooming of long hair?

Buy Havanese puppies: reputable breeders

After choosing the Havanese, you should look after a suitable breeder. You can find it via research on the Internet or in newspaper advertisements. But also listen to your friends and acquaintances. Does anyone know someone who has ever wanted to buy a Havanese puppy or has even done so?

Ten puppies whose eyes are hard to resist

Never decide to buy immediately. First drive to a breeder with a lot of time and look around there in peace. Does everything look clean? Do the dogs look well-groomed and healthy? Also take a look at the parents of the animals: Sometimes it is not yet possible to tell whether the baby's physique and respiratory tract are developing properly - sometimes the mother and father of the puppies provide more information about this.

How do the puppies work?

The most important thing is of course how the little Havanese affect them. Are they lively and lively or are they more lethargic? You should also make sure that the puppies are open to people. If they seem shy and scared, that's not a good sign.