What color is jake the dog

What color is jake the dog

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What color is jake the dog?'

'A reddish brown,' said Alice, 'and he has black ears.'

'Black ears and reddish brown, and his name is Jake?' asked Alice's mother. 'Well, that is a very unusual name.'

'How long has he been with you?' asked Alice's father.

'He's been here two weeks,' said Alice.

'Has he been trained?' asked Alice's mother.

'Not yet,' said Alice. 'We're going to start today.'

'Let's look at the book,' said Alice's father.

'Jake was a gift from my aunt,' said Alice's mother. 'He is a collie and she has several in her kennel in Minnesota.'

'We'll look in the book and see if it says anything about him.'

As they were looking, Alice's father said, 'How is your book coming along, Alice?'

'I'm getting it done as fast as I can,' said Alice. 'I'm learning to spell words and I'm learning the multiplication tables.'

'I'll bet that book has more words than most people know in a lifetime,' said Alice's father.

'It sure does,' said Alice. 'It's got two hundred fifty-two.'

'Two hundred fifty-two!' said her father. 'I don't think I could have counted that many words in a lifetime.'

'I think it's about the fastest book I've ever seen,' said Alice's mother.

'I'll bet,' said Alice's father.

'How many words do you know?' Alice asked her mother.

'You know how to spell about forty-five words,' said her mother. 'You know how to count to one hundred and twelve and you know how to count to twenty-seven and four times ten, but that's about it.'

'I know about a hundred and sixty-three words,' said Alice, 'but some of them aren't real words. For instance, I don't know the word _wonderful_, but I can say _wonderful_.'

'And I can say _wonderful_,' said her father.

'I've been studying the word _wonderful_ since I got that book,' said Alice.

'Is it a real word?' asked Alice's father.

'It's a real word,' said Alice.

'If I were to say _wonderful_ to you, you wouldn't say _wonderful_ would you?' asked her father.

'I don't know,' said Alice.

' _Wonderful_ is a real word,' said her father.

' _Wonderful_ is a word I've never heard anybody say before,' said Alice.

' _Wonderful_ is a real word,' said her father.

' _Wonderful_ is a word that means the best,' said Alice's mother.'_Wonderful_ means really great or wonderful.'

'I'm going to be a writer,' said Alice.

'You know how to write, too,' said her father.

'No I don't,' said Alice.

'You do,' said her father.

'I'm not sure,' said Alice. 'Let's see if I can write something in the book.'

'I'll bet you can,' said her father. 'It's a good book to practice writing in. Let's see what you can do.'

'I'm not sure,' said Alice, and she began writing.'_The beautiful day. The beautiful day, so beautiful_ '

'That's not writing,' said Alice's father.

'That's just words,' said Alice.

'Now you can spell it,' said her father.

Alice spelled out _beautiful_ and wrote the rest of the words in the sentence.

' _The beautiful day, so beautiful, the beautiful, beautiful day_,' said her father.

'I think I have enough to start,' said Alice.

'I'll bet you can do it quicker than that,' said her father.

Alice began again and wrote out the words in the sentence.

' _The beautiful day, the beautiful, beautiful day_,' said Alice.

'I think I have enough to start now,' said her mother. 'I think I know enough to write a book.'

'It's a very good book to start in,' said Alice's father. 'It's the fastest book I ever saw.'

'What do you think about your book, Alice?' asked her mother.

'I love it, it's great,' said Alice. 'It makes me feel happy.'

'What about your lessons, Alice?' asked her mother.

'I think I've learned everything I need to learn in my lessons. The multiplication tables, the word _wonderful_, and the spelling words.'

'Well,' said her father, 'there are a lot of things I think you've learned in those lessons, too.'

'What about your writing book?' asked her mother.

'I think I have enough to start, and I'm getting the book done fast,' said Alice.

'What do you think of that?' said her mother.

'I think it's a great book to start with, because there are only a few words in it.'

'Are you going to write something every day?' asked her mother.

'I think I should,' said Alice.

'I think you'd better do it every day, so you can make sure you remember every word.'

'I think I have enough to write every day in my book,' said Alice.

'You have to write a lot of things every day,' said her mother. 'A few things here and there. When you finish the book, you'll have to read a

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