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Cat purr: effect on humans

Cat purr: effect on humans

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Most cat owners are probably not surprised that cat purring should have a positive effect on humans - but what the purring of our beloved house tigers should actually do is really amazing! A purring cat has a positive effect on humans - Image: Shutterstock / Vinogradov Illya

Where there are cats, it is cozy. Their conformability, their fluffy fur and their ability to sleep anywhere contribute as much to the creation of the cozy atmosphere as the purring of the little house lions.

Cat purr and its calming effect

When cats purr, they are usually fine and completely satisfied. The frequency of the noise, the sound and the vibration of the cat radiate a calm that can be transferred not only to other animals, but also to people. In addition to various studies that prove this, every person who has ever had a purring cat on his lap would probably confirm this.

In addition to relieving everyday stress, cat purring is said to improve other ailments, such as sleep disorders, high blood pressure and maybe much more.

Can purrs even have a healing effect?

For cats, purring is not only an expression of happiness, but also has an important function for their body. A purring frequency of 22 to 30 Hertz occurs, and this has a healing effect on animals, as researchers found.

Ten cats who prefer to sleep on their backs

So if you have ever wondered why your pet purrs in the event of stress, illness or injury, you can assume that it will mobilize its self-healing powers: purring should even be able to heal broken bones faster and generally strengthen the bone structure. Purring could even have the same positive effect on the healing process on humans, as researchers suspect. To prove this, they are currently trying to prove it on the basis of studies.

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