Basset Hound: That's how it works with upbringing

The Basset Hound is a good-natured, but also very stubborn dog. A quality that does not necessarily make his upbringing child's play. A basset hound likes to play - Image: Shutterstock / Ksenia Raykova

Sweet, playful, good-natured, fond of children: These characteristics make the Basset Hound an ideal family dog. But this little four-legged friend with the sad look can also be very stubborn and stubborn. What he doesn't want, he doesn't want. Raising this little stubborn is not an easy thing. A fact that makes this dog breed only suitable for beginners to a limited extent.

Basset Hound: This has to be taken into account in the upbringing

The Basset Hound is one of those dogs that prefer to explore the world with ease than to follow disciplined commands. So don't try to raise him with an iron hand, but rather make it playful.

However, this does not mean that you should take the upbringing loosely. You have to be consistent and show a certain rigor, because if you let him go through everything, it will be nothing with a good upbringing. Allowing him to sleep in your bed with you is difficult for him to get out of there.

Basset Hound: hound dog from Great Britain

It's the mix that matters

In the case of the Basset Hound, it makes the right mix between rigor and a certain looseness to train it for what it is: a good-natured, loyal and child-loving dog. And to achieve that, you need one thing above all: patience.