Character of the Devon Rex cat

The Devon Rex cat stands out for its curly fur and large ears. The character of the sweet exotic woman is very versatile and makes her a nice family cat with whom you can walk through thick and thin. The Devon Rex is a playful and affectionate cat - Image: Shutterstock / Berlina

Anyone who brings a Devon Rex into the house is choosing a friendly and pleasant contemporary. The character of the curly cat offers a successful mix of many exciting properties.

The Devon Rex: A clever and active house tiger

Cats of this breed are smart and very willing to learn. Training tricks with them is a lot of fun, so that the curly cats are perfect for clicker training and cat agility. In general, they need a lot of work. The four-legged friends are active, very curious, playful and spirited. Of course, it is part of their job that they definitely inspect the apartment.

The Rex cats are quite talkative and like to be noticed with munts. Sometimes they show themselves a little bit, but that doesn't change the fact that they are charming and lovable.

A loyal family cat with cute curls

The Devon Rex is very cuddly and affectionate. She likes to show her owners her love often and is loyal to her for a lifetime. She hates being alone and should therefore not live alone.

Devon Rex: A very special cat

She is tolerable and a good family cat that can adapt to most situations. She doesn't get upset so quickly because she is very stress-resistant. If she wants something, however, she also knows how to show and achieve it.

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