Dog day care crows nest

Dog day care crows nest

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Dog day care crows nest in an abandoned apartment building in New York City's East Village. (Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

NEW YORK — Crows nest in abandoned apartment buildings, and they are good at it.

Their favorite places are near fire escapes, which makes sense: If you can see outside, the crows have a view of the street, and that means easy meals of bugs and the occasional piece of fruit.

But they also like to nest in other places: window sills, roofs, the tops of old cars and even the tops of old people. They aren't picky. They take what they can get.

Crows, like all birds, are omnivores — that is, they eat things of many kinds, especially insects. It's not their favorite part of their diet, but they are smart enough to make the best of it, and they eat what's avlable.

In a New York City neighborhood that abounds with old people and empty buildings, it's not difficult to find food for the crows. It's a perfect recipe: old, abandoned buildings full of crumbs and leftovers, and a ready audience of crows.

If you want to help the crows in the East Village neighborhood — which, by the way, is filled with crows. It's a kind of crow city — and it's a real treat to see them at work in the neighborhood, chasing one another through the trees like a bunch of kids on a playground.

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Crows like to nest in abandoned buildings, and it's a perfect recipe: old, abandoned buildings full of crumbs and leftovers, and a ready audience of crows. (Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The crows are pretty well-known, but we weren't always so familiar with their ways.

Crows were once very mysterious. Like other animals, they were thought to be stupid and inarticulate, but that was just a convenient way of explning their uncanny ability to find their way home.

The crows of Manhattan's East Village, where this story begins, are smart and they are inventive. In the 1950s, when researchers first started to document their behaviors, the crows, which lived in a neighborhood of abandoned apartment buildings, were found to be cleverly using various materials — including nls, bottle caps, pieces of paper, discarded toys and old people — to construct their nests.

Crows are known for being smart, and they use whatever they can find. (Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

They've been known to construct more elaborate nests than people have imagined. In fact, the nests — which are usually made out of bits of paper, cloth or plastic — can sometimes be quite elaborate.

One nest in Manhattan, which I saw firsthand in 2014, was shaped like a large egg, and it contned a "preen" that the crow had carefully ld out.

And there was another nest I saw in Brooklyn, in a small tree outside a residential building, that looked like the crown of a hat — and that's a perfect example of what the crows could do to their nests.

A crow is like any other creature in the world: They like to nest in a place that's comfortable and private. (Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

But the crows' nests can also be more mundane than you might think. In the East Village, there are many abandoned apartment buildings, and the crows are not choosy about where they nest.

They use the fire escape in their apartment building — which means they don't use the strs or an elevator — and they also use any other avlable space. They're happy to nest on the ground. They're happy to nest on the roof. They're happy to nest in a tree or on a building next door.

That, of course, is not the case in all parts of the world. There are some places where crows are a nuisance and are kept away, but they are no respecters of man, woman or home.

"Crows are notorious for defecating or depositing feces in or on people's property, causing general unpleasantness," says Paul Schlozman, a psychology professor at Yale University who has done extensive research on the behavior of crows. "They often nest on buildings in urban environments, because they can access lots of food from garbage, which is why they have developed a reputation as pests.

Crows are notorious for defecating or depositing feces in or on people's property. (Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

"They have also been known to destroy property when competing for resources."

That's why it's so sad to see crows so readily adopt abandoned buildings. That's also why it's important to understand their behavior.

For example, the crows in New York's East Village have long been a problem. They are bold, and they are greedy. They often nest in trees, which makes the trees look shabby. And they do have a taste for the neighborhood.

In 2014, I walked past a tree that was covered with crows' nests, and I counted more than 100. And that's just one tree, in an area that's less than half a square block in size.

In that tree alone, the crows were eating fruit off the branches and eating bugs off the ground, just outside people's apartments. It was a mess.

But that's just one tree. There are others. And they're not confined to just the tree that I happened to see. The crows are well-known for their ability to find their way home, and they will nest anywhere they can find a place that's comfortable and private.

They nest in trees, and they also nest on buildings next door. (Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

That's one of the reasons that many people want to keep crows away. Another reason is that crows sometimes nest in people's trees, and

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