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How to train an Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog is an intelligent and obedient working dog. You can find out how to best educate him and what special features are to be considered in the following. When it comes to raising the Australian Cattle Dog, the most important thing is consistency - Image: Shutterstock / Lee ODell

Consequence is very important when raising the Australian Cattle Dog. The dog is very intelligent and can therefore make good judgments if the other person seems insecure. It is not about showing adamant hardness. But you have to make the four-legged friend understandable in terms of upbringing who is on the longer lever. Justice should be just as important.

A clear definition of the pack leader is important

The pack behavior of the Australian Cattle Dog plays a major role in the upbringing. It used to be bred as a pure herding dog, so a clear ranking is fundamental for it. Ideally, you get the four-legged friend as a puppy and can fundamentally train him. Especially an intelligent and confident dog like the Australian Cattle Dog needs to know early on where its place in the pack is. This is especially important if you have children. If the four-legged friend and the little one are used to each other from the beginning, then dealing with each other should not be a problem.

Australian Cattle Dog: A brilliant workhorse

Raising the Australian Cattle Dog: More tips

The Australian Cattle Dog is a working dog and therefore needs a job in any case. If you want to raise your four-legged friend, it is important that he is fully occupied. A dog sport can be a good idea to keep him busy here. Agility or obedience training keep the dog fit and challenge it both mentally and physically.