How to keep dog from jumping fence

How to keep dog from jumping fence

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How to keep dog from jumping fence?

Hey! I'm having trouble with my dog. She goes to a different house every day and she has been doing this for a year now. I'm really worried that she's being trained or something. She doesn't even go in the house. She is really friendly, but when i go out to play with her she seems to have a mind of her own and just runs off. Is she being trained? She is 1 and a half and she will always run around when she is excited and just doesn't seem to know what is she is suppose to do.

She's a big dog that i got when i was living with my dad and he had a dog. So, i didn't know what to do with her because she had been getting into the house. I know it's normal for dogs to do this. But, it has been so long, i'm worried that she is training. I know theres a lot of times that she doesn't have anything to eat or something, but she gets fed twice a day so she's not starving. Is this normal? Also, can i send her back to the breeder when she's 10?

That is not normal, dogs should come when you call them, they should be able to listen when told to come, when they hear you call they should stop and wait for you to come, if you come and she goes away that is not normal, i wouldn't send her back to the breeder, a breeder usually only will take dogs back if the dog has a problem they can't fix or if the dog has not been trained correctly and is not going to learn

You can definitely send her back to the breeder, if she doesn't listen to you, and the breeder does not think that she will learn to listen then she can't be trained.

Your dog is probably very smart, and probably not getting enough exercise.

When I was a puppy we lived with my in-laws who had three pups. They were all well-trained. I could have told you the date and time of their last litter. The dogs were not allowed to leave the house unaccompanied. And no, they weren't being trained. They were taught that a person's voice was the command to come to them. When you called, all three dogs would immediately drop whatever they were doing and come to you. They could also be told to stay and stay they did. They could be told to leave and they left. I don't think they were getting exercise either. My mother-in-law was the leader, I was told, and she was very knowledgeable about animals.

If your dog is like that, it is a great blessing that she likes to play outside, especially if she is as large as the one you described.

If you don't know what to do with her, you can always give her one of the toys in the house to use as a toy. She can also use it for training purposes, or to use when you take her out on a leash.

A dog who has a mind of her own can be quite good as well as annoying at times, but she sounds like a special one. You might want to consider buying her a dog obedience training book.

If she is only getting fed twice a day, and doesn't get much exercise, it is very possible that she could be a bit hungry. I would suggest feeding her more, perhaps on the weekends.

Thanks for the help guys. And yeah, i thought that maybe she was being trained, but now i'm starting to think that she likes playing outside all day. Like she knows what she's doing.

I'm having a hard time finding any books because we're new to the area and we can't find any good dog training books. We don't know where to get any. We live near the mall and there's one dog store there that i was thinking about getting some books from. The other problem is that my husband is a software developer and i'm not good with computers, so he is the one to do it, if that makes sense. I can probably get him to buy the book, but i don't know how i'm going to pay for it.

She is such a sweet dog. She always comes back to me when i come outside or call her and she is very friendly. I just don't want to send her back. And, i have never had a dog that played with herself for so long. The other dogs that have come to me they play, but not her. I'm not sure how she's training herself.

Hi - I am so sorry that you are having trouble with your dog!

Your dog is very sweet and I understand that you are a little concerned. If your dog were being trained, she would come to you when you called her. If you were trying to train her, she would sit on command. When I first got my dog, he would jump up on people. He was very very excited and was probably being taught to play a little. In time, his training really picked up. If your dog was being trained, she would have been taught to do a few basic commands. When she jumped up on me, I was sitting down and she did not see me so she jumped up. She just wants attention and she knows what she is doing.

She sounds like a fun loving dog. I think that she is playing with herself, but she knows what she is doing. I think it is good for her to have an outlet like this, she is not being destructive and she doesn't get into the house.

I am so sorry that your dog was neglected by her owner. I would like to think that the breeder does a good job of looking after the dogs.

I know that your husband is an engineer and that you are not computer literate, so I don't know if the book will work for you. I would suggest that you get one from the library. It would be a good place to start.

She is a very loving dog. I think that it is her nature to play outside. She loves people and she loves other dogs.

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