Cute ocelot kitten is playing with valentine heart

Cute ocelot kitten is playing with valentine heart

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Just cute! The little ocelot baby Santos is given a big paper mache heart for Valentine's Day - and sees it as prey. The little big cat with the big heart rages wildly and nibbles on it.

"Such a nice toy!" Thinks the cute ocelot baby Santos when he receives a big red paper mache heart for Valentine's Day. "It's so nice to hunt, nibble on and romp around with!" How the cute mini big cat rages with the Valentine's heart is a picture for the gods.

Little Santos doesn't let the amused giggles of the bystanders irritate him and keeps playing with his heart. "There has to be something out there," the small, tabby velvet paw seems to think, and tries to use his paw and teeth to move the inside of his toy outwards. So you can make a four-legged friend a huge joy on Valentine's Day!

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