If the cat is shy: Possible reasons

There are various reasons for fear and shyness in cats. Most hypersensitive reactions in an anxious cat are based on the animal's negative experiences. If the cat is shy: Possible reasons - Image: Shutterstock / Trybex

Strong shyness or even fear usually develops in young tigers at a very young age - the potential reasons are varied. An anxious cat has often been treated roughly or even roughly at some point in its life. This is what characterizes an animal. It doesn't even have to be a beating or similar assault. For example, if a kitten is roughly grabbed and pressed on the neck - for example, to instill medicine like a flea remedy - it can suffer trauma. Such cats are often reluctant to pet or generally touch.

Shy in cats: That's where it can come from

The same applies to extreme shyness in cats at the veterinarian: It is usually also due to negative experiences. The doctor handled the anxious cat too roughly as a kitten or had to give her an injection, for example. Stubentiger remember something like that unconsciously. Even if the "culprit" was a different doctor than the one your cat is now afraid of: the surroundings of the practice and the smells are enough to evoke this primal fear.

Anxious cats: other reasons

For example, many cats are afraid of the transport box. Here, too, the reason for the shyness mostly lies in what your pet connects to the box - in most cases this will be an unpleasant journey by car, i.e. situations that the anxious cat can hardly assess and which therefore scares her.

The destination of the unusual journey in the transport box can also be one of the reasons for your cat's fear. Most of the time, the unpleasant car ride probably went to the vet, in whose practice other negative experiences were waiting for the kitten.

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