Cat anti scratch spray

Cat anti scratch spray

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Cat anti scratch spray, avlable in most good health stores.

A friend of mine was having a major issue with her two year old scratching at the bottom of her eyes. I was able to find him this solution and it was life changing. He used it for one week on and off and his mom never agn had to get up at night to put cream on. Best part, it’s super cheap and easily found in most areas.

5. Baking Soda

What it is: Baking soda is a great natural way to help clean the inside of your toddler’s ears. You can get baking soda at any grocery store and you can find it in most health stores.

You can use it by dissolving it in water and pouring it into the ear canal. This will provide an antiseptic and help eliminate earwax buildup.

Benefits: A friend of mine told me that her son’s earwax was so bad that he couldn’t sleep at night and was really frustrated about the constant scratching at his ears. When she started using baking soda, the only thing she could feel was the buildup in his ears melting away. His doctor also noticed a difference in how quickly the earwax stopped coming out once he started using it and it was as if it was completely gone.

How to use: You can either apply baking soda to the inside of your baby’s ear by pouring it directly into the ear canal or you can pour it into a damp washcloth and use it to clean the inside of your baby’s ears.

6. Olive Oil

What it is: Olive oil is great for babies with eczema and it helps control infections as well as keep dandruff from happening.

Benefits: Olive oil is great for your baby’s skin because it’s really rich in antioxidants and the vitamin E is also really good for babies.

How to use: If you have a baby with eczema or an itchy, dry skin, a nice, warm bath is just what you need. Just make sure that your baby isn’t allergic to the olive oil you’re using or if you’re unsure, try applying it to a small patch on the inside of your baby’s foot to see if it has an effect.

7. Sea Salt

What it is: Sea salt is very high in minerals and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Benefits: Sea salt is wonderful for sore throats and dry skin and a nice, warm bath with sea salt is a great way to get your baby’s skin nice and clean.

How to use: For sore throats, you can either add a few teaspoons of sea salt to a warm bath or just pour a little bit of sea salt onto your baby’s chest. You can also put sea salt on a cotton ball and put it near your baby’s nose or they can suck on the salt instead.

8. Epsom Salt

What it is: Epsom salt is known for soothing and relaxing sore muscles, easing cramps and reducing inflammation.

Benefits: You can find a lot of benefits of Epsom salt as an at-home remedy for your baby. One of the best benefits of Epsom salt is that it’s really good at soothing any kind of pn. From teething to ear infections, Epsom salt is the perfect answer for any kind of pn your baby might be feeling.

How to use: If you have a baby that’s suffering from some form of pn, like an ear infection, you can try adding a few drops of Epsom salt into a warm bath. Make sure that you’re using pure, mineral-based Epsom salt so it’s not loaded with sodium chloride. You can also rub Epsom salt into your baby’s bottom and legs, especially during diaper changes.

9. Sea Salt

What it is: Sea salt is basically just sea water mixed with salt.

Benefits: Sea salt is perfect for babies because it doesn’t irritate their skin. It also has a lot of the same healing properties of Epsom salt, but it’s a little bit different because of the natural sources of the salt. Sea salt has the potential to heal skin issues by stimulating circulation. It also helps improve sore throats and is great for treating a wide range of minor cuts and scrapes.

How to use: You can put a little bit of sea salt in your baby’s bath to relieve muscle aches and help soothe sore throats.

10. Sea Buckthorn Oil

What it is: Sea buckthorn oil has many anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits.

Benefits: Sea buckthorn oil contns chemicals like alpha- and beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein that work to boost your baby’s immune system and speed up cell growth. It also contns an enzyme called lipase, which increases the body’s absorption of certn nutrients like iron and zinc. Finally, sea buckthorn oil is sd to increase energy levels and lower triglycerides.

How to use: You can use the oil directly on your baby’s skin to relieve eczema, rashes, dry skin, scabs, sores and chapped lips.

And That’s Just the Top of the List

This list of natural remedies for babies is just the beginning! There are so many natural ways to give your little one relief from common lments, so be sure to read up on all of the ways to make your little one feel better. There are so many simple remedies you can try, but just remember to consult your pediatrician before adding any new supplements or treatments to your baby’s diet or medicine cabinet.

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