Why do dogs bite their legs

Why do dogs bite their legs?

I've owned dogs for years now. I've had many different breeds. One in particular, that had a reputation for being aggressive, was a beagle cross. That's been my biggest issue.

I had a neighbor that was going to go and pick up his pit bulls. I was out of town for a long weekend and I came home to the house with all the dogs running and the door wide open. As I walk up the steps, the dog that has a reputation for being aggressive, the dog that I owned, charges at me barking at me.

I was terrified. I yelled at the dog and called him off and he finally listened to me. I ran to my neighbors house and told them to get my neighbor's pit bull out of the house and to tie her up and I would come back with a muzzle.

I didn't want the pit bull to get loose and come and attack my dogs again because that's what she had done before. I was so upset that I had just gotten back from my long weekend of being away from my dogs and all this happened to me because I didn't keep my door locked. I called the police.

The police came to my house and they came back to the neighbor's house with the pit bull. As they walked her away, the pit bull bit my beagle. My beagle got bit in the mouth by the pit bull and it didn't bleed. The bite was small but it scared me to death. I took her to the vet. She was fine, but I was still scared.

I got an alarm system for my house. I took her back to the vet because I was still scared of her. I asked the vet to check her teeth and it turned out she was missing a tooth.

The neighbor came to me and asked what was going on and I told him what happened. He offered to get the pit bull fixed for me, but I was worried she was going to kill me or my dogs because of the past.

So he called a friend that owned a dog grooming business and asked if they could give her a check up and maybe take her out for a walk and brush her. My beagle was scared of her and didn't trust her. It wasn't because she was aggressive because I knew that's what she had been, but it was the way that she was acting, like she was playing. She was like an old friend.

So they went for a walk. She played with my dogs and my neighbors' kids. She let one of the kids pet her. She let my dogs lay in her lap. My neighbor said that he didn't think she would attack him. She even licked him. He said he wouldn't put it past her to attack. I took the kid home and she walked away. My neighbor never brought her back to the house and I never saw her again.

So what did all this teach me? I learned that some dogs are just naturally aggressive. They just are. It was the same for her. My neighbor was right. He said that she would never hurt him because she trusted him. She was a dog that needed to be trained, like a puppy.

She was a sweet dog and that's why I didn't get her fixed. I knew she was just a dog that needed to be loved and that would help her. She didn't bite me, but I was scared. I didn't want her to bite my dogs or me. I was scared she would attack my neighbor because she would have gotten along with him. I was scared.

After I brought her home, I saw her in her crate and I got her out and held her. I gave her water. I played with her for hours. I had her in the yard and I let her play with the kids. She wasn't aggressive. She was just a dog that loved being loved. That's why I had her get fixed.

The dog groomer came over and I was shocked at how big she was and how strong she was. I didn't know how that would have happened. I thought maybe I had given her too much food or the wrong kind. I thought maybe she would have a weight problem.

She was fine. She was a small pit bull, but she was strong. She was so strong. My neighbor said he would have to take her to the dog groomer, but I told him to not put her down because I couldn't afford it and it was his responsibility to get her fixed. He didn't want to. He told me that they are hard to get fixed and he was afraid that she would just be killed because she was a pit bull.

I don't think that is the reason she got fixed, but it's a good thing that she did. If my neighbor had gone to the dog groomer and got her fixed and put her down, that's what I would have had to do. I would have had to put her down. She wouldn't have survived that.

I had her for a year. I loved her so much and I had so much fun. We went for walks. She was the happiest dog. She was the most loving dog. She would walk around on a leash. She was like a puppy. I wanted to play with her all the time, but she was the dog that needed to play with me all the time because she loved me so much. She loved being walked. She loved being pet. She loved being picked up.

I had to do it though. She was old and I didn't want to get another dog because she was the dog I always wanted. I loved her so much. We did everything together. We were best friends. It was hard to see her go.

There are some pit bulls that are bad dogs. They are bred for fighting. I did not understand what it was that happened to her, but the reason she got fixed was because I didn't want to have to have her put down. If it was me, I would have put her down because she was aggressive and she would hurt other people or hurt my dogs.

Some dogs are just naturally aggressive. They are

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