Cat ran to: what to do?

Cat ran to: what to do?

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If you've got a cat, you shouldn't just bring it in and keep it, even if it is meant well. How you best act depends on various factors, which we would like to describe below. Not every new cat is homeless - Image: Shutterstock / Elena Dijour

First of all, the chances are pretty high that the cat that came to you belongs to someone. Even if you often see her in the garden with her, it may very well be that she just likes to go on big tours, that her territory runs every day and that she also lingers a little longer in a cozy place - for example on your terrace.

Is the cat really homeless?

Even if a cat tries to get something to eat from you, it does not mean that it is not a few blocks away and is regularly fed there. Most cats still have nothing against a little extra food.

But there are also cases where it is clear that a cat needs your help. If she is injured or emaciated, is in a location that is very dangerous to cats, or has been exposed in a box or basket, you should definitely act.

Important: An incoming cat must be reported

No matter how cute your find animal is, you must not just keep it, but are obliged to report the find to animal welfare or the police. You can help find the owner by hanging up notes and asking around in the neighborhood.

Treatment of injured or sick animals naturally has priority. Either you quickly bring the four-legged friend to a veterinarian near you (caution: put on gloves if you have to put the cat in a transport box or a basket, otherwise there is a risk of injury), or you can contact the local animal welfare service or the police.

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You should also closely monitor a healthy female cat before you take it in to find the owner or hand it over to animal welfare: It could be that she has cat boys hidden somewhere - you should never touch them and the little one Do not disturb the family or bring the mother into the house. In this case, it's best to ask a veterinarian for advice.

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