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Lots of mini-pigs to fall in love with

A mini-pig rarely comes alone: ​​the squeaky cheeks of joy in this video almost compete for who is the cutest - let's see who wins!

Candidate one is tiny, black and has a huge desire to play hide-and-seek: It's hard to say whether it's even sweeter, but the little, spotty sports fan on the treadmill is doing his utmost to keep up with him. The next lovable mini-pig eats an apple that seems huge in relation to him, and then a few tiny little candidates have a mini-pig race.

Nobody can then resist the animal child who drinks from the milk bottle: even his four-legged dog buddy starts lovingly cleaning it. A cuddly micro-pig that can be scratched, one that screams through the snow with a scarf, and one that can be bathed comfortably: it couldn't be sweeter, could it?

Gang of pigs: Sweet piglets in all colors