This way you can stop your dog from stealing

If you want to stop a dog from stealing, it is important to find out in which situations your dog becomes a thief. Then when training Consistency, practice and patience required. The dog shouldn't get used to clawing from the table - Image: Shutterstock / Agnes Kantaruk

While some dogs are omnivores and nothing is riveted and nail-proof in front of them, others steal from the table when their owner is not around. Others are intrusive when they eat, beg and don't miss an opportunity to get something off the table. All variants are annoying and not desired by a well-behaved dog.

Stop dogs from clawing: tips for omnivores

An omnivore should first be checked by the veterinarian. A lack of nutrients may be the reason for his behavior, which he tries to compensate for by eating the strangest things. An infestation with parasites (for example worms) would also be possible.

If health causes are excluded, it must be trained that the dog eats neither inside nor outside without having received their command. Do not leave anything lying around so that your four-legged friend does not have any success experiences when stealing that could encourage him to try again.

Raising dogs who steal from the table

Dogs who steal from the table do so either because they are used to getting something off the table or because they think it is okay to use the table when their owner is out. Get your dog used to the fact that everything on the table is taboo for him, so that the problem does not arise.

Guests shouldn't give him anything, even if it's just a slice of salami. If your dog is constantly begging, you may need to tie him up for a while while you are eating - until he learns that there is nothing to steal at the dining table!

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Exercise with your dog when it steals stealthily as soon as you leave the room: get up from the set table and walk out of the room, but remain unobtrusively in sight. As soon as he starts to get up and get up, give him a command to lie down again.

Let him learn to keep listening to you even when you are not in the room. All dogs that steal should have as few temptations as possible! It is therefore advisable to always pack everything away well, not only during training.