Fascinating: ten clever animals show their tricks

Wow, the wildlife is fascinating! Crows, dolphins, elephants and chimpanzees:

The ten clever heads in this video put some people in the shade.

Place 10: Capuchin monkeys are able to crack fruits, nuts and shells with hard shells by beating them on a hard surface until they open. Not impractical, this trick!

9th place: The mountain parrot can solve complicated puzzles to get food. It is fascinating to watch him!

8th place: Orangutans learn a lot by watching and imitating others. In this video, the heroes have seen people boating, sock washing etc.

7th place: The straight-billed crow uses sticks and other tools to free feed from holes and other difficult to reach places.

Rank 6: Ants can form groups and team up in such a way that they can transport feed through water without getting wet. They can also outsmart enemies in the team!

5th place: The carrion crow is particularly clever: To crack walnuts, simply use the rush hour traffic. She drops her on the street and drives a car over it. If there is too much traffic, they wait for the green traffic light to cross the street and get the nut. Wow!

4th place: The octopus is terrifyingly clever. She can remember certain processes and think complex. She finds her way perfectly in the sea.

Place 3: The elephant not only learns quickly, but also has the decisive advantage that it never forgets anything. His social relationships are close: elephants even say goodbye to deceased herd members.

Place 2: Dolphins can adapt their hunting strategies to the environment. They can show amazing behavior synchronously and with great skill.

1st place: The chimpanzee is not only an all-rounder in terms of food procurement. If you watch him crack nuts with the help of two stones, that's amazing!

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