Courage the cowardly dog real story

Courage the cowardly dog real story

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Courage the cowardly dog real story

I have to admit it...I love my country. I was born, rsed and live in the USA. I love my country and I love my countrymen. I have not been to a war, but have served in the military for nearly 20 years. My brother has been in the service for 16 years and has been shot at several times. We have had family and friends killed in war and in other dangerous places around the world. We are a family that gets together and cheers for our country. I understand and can accept some of the "dirt" or "rough" parts of war and life in a military. But recently I was reading a real life "true" story on the internet of a soldier who was court-martialed and convicted.

He is a "dog", as most of our military men and women are. He has been "raped" several times. He was caught stealing from the military for himself and his family. He took money from military members who were injured in action to pay off some kind of personal debt. He went AWOL for several years and got into drugs. He cheated on the very best woman I know (my sister).

He ended up going on a leave of absence (LOL!) to work for the FBI for a while. After being out of work for several months, the soldier, after a short stint in jl, got a job with the FBI. They caught him cheating on his wife and then caught him stealing $2,000 from them. They charged him with the same charges he was charged with for the $1,200 of military money that was pd off.

After his conviction, he went on a rampage and hurt and killed two people (in self defense). The people he killed were also charged with crimes as were those who did kill him. He was never in a court of law and never saw the inside of a judge or jury room. He was tried and convicted in an FBI office.

This is an American soldier in the real military. This is a man who has been charged with rape and assault (real crimes) agnst an Army Private and was convicted and sentenced by the U.S. military to ten years of confinement (imprisonment) in a military prison. The sentence was imposed by a military tribunal, which is a court in which civilians are excluded.

This soldier was a veteran. I read his story. I read it with great sadness and with great anger. He was not convicted of any crimes agnst the military. He was sentenced and convicted of a crime.

This soldier did not take any more than any other soldier has taken before him or will take in the future. He was not convicted of taking anything from his military members. The soldier has been convicted of taking military money for himself, to pay off debts. The amount was only $1,200, the same amount of money that was pd to him for the "sexual" services that he performed on several soldiers over a period of several months.

The soldier has been convicted of assault and rape. He has been convicted of "stealing" from his "employers", the U.S. government. He has been convicted of breaking his military oath and is being held as a convicted criminal in a military prison. He will be put to death for the crimes of which he has been convicted, by a military tribunal that is outside of the regular courts of justice.

In an effort to try to make him into a military hero, the U.S. military has pd for this soldier to have a public defense attorney to defend him. This public attorney is being pd from the tax dollars of the American people to represent a U.S. soldier in a court of law. He has been denied access to a fr trial by the military court system.

He has not been allowed to see the evidence agnst him. He has not been allowed to see the evidence that he was charged with. He has not been allowed to call the victims to testify on his behalf. His victims, both men and women, were never called as witnesses agnst him. The victims were never called to testify in court.

This is a man who was in the military and was a good man. He served the country and loved his country. He has been treated like a criminal when he has been convicted of crimes. This man has been denied a fr trial. He has been denied access to his defense attorney. He has been denied access to his military attorney. He has been denied access to the evidence agnst him.

This is a man who has served his country honorably. His conduct, as far as I know, was not the same as many other soldiers in the military who have been caught stealing. He took no more than he was entitled to take and took no more than any other soldier has taken before him. He has been convicted of a crime. This man has been tried and convicted without the right to a trial by a jury of one's peers

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