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Firefighters rescue dog from icy river

Once again, the great helpers of the fire department have shown that they also have a heart for dogs: In the United States, they saved the five-year-old golden retriever "Crosby" who broke into the ice. It was a little Christmas miracle for dog and family.

The golden retriever "Crosby" in the US state of Massachusetts was lucky just before Christmas. It broke on the ice of the Charles River. Thanks to the courageous efforts of the fire brigade, the four-legged friend was able to spend Christmas with his family unscathed.

Two firefighting men took the plunge into the ice-cold water to save the helpless dog from drowning. After "Crosby" reached the saving bank, he was allowed to warm up in a police car. In this case, the greatest thanks go to the heroes of the fire brigade who risked their own lives for that of a dog.

Be careful when going for a walk in winter

The great rescue operation should be a warning to all dog owners: take care of your darling when you walk through the winter landscape. When the surface of lakes, ponds and rivers is frozen, our animals don't know how dangerous it is to romp around on the ice. A watchful eye or leash can save dog lives.

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