Sweet Nikita: From an orphan kitten to a ninja kitten

From the sweetest to the funniest kitten in the world: Nikita has already gawked around a large YouTube fan base as a baby cat. In these videos, she proves that she still knows how to entertain brilliantly ...

An orphan kitten grows up: Clear the way for Nikita

Nikita was found by a night watchman when she was only four to five weeks old and looked like she had little chance of surviving. From then on, the helpless animal was lovingly brought up with the bottle and after a few weeks familiarized with her new friend, the cozy tomcat Bobo. You can see in this video that it has developed splendidly.

So cute: Nikita shows her most popular toy attack

As you can see, fun is very important to Nikita. The enthusiasm that she showed as a baby with an extravagant attack for her toys has also been retained as an adult cat. How does she react when she sees a real dog? We hope that we will see many more cute videos of the great cat.

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