A day in the life of hangover Nero

A day in the life of hangover Nero

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It will never get boring with the beautiful tiger cat Nero - as he impressively proves in this video, he always comes up with something new to keep his owners busy. The squeaky youngster is not afraid to go up the walls ...

If Nero has an energy boost, he first helps himself by using the wallpaper instead of the stairs to get up. Playing a bit of ball in between is then the preliminary exercise for his next prank: he decides to unroll the new kitchen roll to check whether all the leaves are complete.

Then he thinks it is time to steal something and he remembers that he always wanted to have his own blanket. The solution: Simply steal from its owners. Not every young cat has as many jokes in its head as Nero, but for small bundles of energy and cheeky cat heroes, interactive toys, fiddle boards etc. are good ways to keep them busy and to change their minds.

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