Flea products for cats: how to apply it correctly

Flea products for cats can be bought in pharmacies, at the veterinarian and in online mail order companies. But how do you actually apply them correctly? Here are a few tips for treating parasite-infested four-legged friends. You can also apply flea products for cats at home - Image: Shutterstock / Pugovica88

Flea products for cats are available in different versions. Your veterinarian can advise you whether a spot-on preparation or a flea powder is more suitable for your cat and which product makes the most sense for the treatment. The methods can vary depending on the age and health of the cat.

Before applying the flea powder or the spot-on preparation, think about your own safety: wash your hands thoroughly before and after the treatment and be careful not to inhale the flea product for cats. You can also protect your hands with sensitive skin with disposable gloves.

Flea products for cats: Apply spot-on preparations

A spot-on preparation is applied directly from the pipette to the cat's skin, from where the active ingredient is then distributed over the entire skin within the next 24 hours. To use, you need to take the pipette out of the pack and break off the tip. Do not point them towards the animal's eyes.

Hold on to your cat or have someone else help you. Use your fingers or a comb to split the fur of your Stubentiger on the neck, put the pipette on the skin there and press the entire flea product for cats onto the skin by pressing it several times. It is important that you orientate yourself to the correct amount that is needed for the weight of your animal.

Spot-on preparations must be used regularly if they are not only intended to combat, but also to prevent fleas. Usually the time interval is four weeks. You can find the exact information on the packaging.

Flea products for cats: which are there?

Fleas are a horror for cat owners, because when the parasites first enter the cat fur ...

Flea powder for the treatment of parasites

A flea powder is applied with the help of a comb, because it should be worked into the fur against the hairline of the cat if possible. Carefully comb your cat's fur in the opposite direction, starting at the base of the tail. Sprinkle a little flea powder into the fur with each comb and work your way slowly towards your head.

To dust the cat's skin with flea powder on your belly, you should use your hands, because only a few cats can be combed there. A little flea powder in the cat basket will also help treat your little tiger. When treating with both preparations, always take care that the cat does not catch the flea agent.

For successful treatment, every cat and dog in the household should also be treated with a flea remedy.