Dog in heat agn after 2 months

Dog in heat agn after 2 months

Signed up to be a breeder (not sure if it is a dog park or a dog pound, not sure if it is a breeder or a shelter)

I took my dog, (she is a small terrier, around 20 lbs) for a spay check and she was fine. I took her back home with me and the breeder sd she was fine but now they have sd that her testicle (she has them both) is swollen and they think she is in heat agn. They told me that her glands in her testicles are swelled up.

The breeder told me that because she is in heat she needs to go back in 2 weeks but I have asked them not to because I don't want her to have the operation agn.

I have spoken to the shelter (dog pound) that I will put up for adoption when I take her back and they say they are not bothered by the heat.

My questions are these,

1.Is it likely that my dog will not have a litter if I take her back?

2.Is it likely that my dog will have a litter if I take her back?

3.Will the breeder just give my dog up to the shelter if she is not spayed?

4.Do I just let them put her down or do I have the choice of keeping her or adopting her from the shelter?

I really don't want to be in the position where she has a litter and my dog gets spayed and I get a bill for the spay.

Your dog is in heat. I would suggest that you take her back to the breeder at this point in time. If you wt any longer they may change their mind on her and make you responsible for the spay and/or neuter.

The breeder isn't allowed to put the dog down. If they would like to make the dog avlable for adoption they would need to call their local dog warden (or if you live in a county where the dog warden is the county animal control officer, they would need to call the county animal control) and they will place the dog with a rescue group or a shelter.

If your breeder feels she has a right to put the dog down then she should let you know that she will have to file a report with the animal control.

The breeder might not have enough money to pay for the spay and that is why she wants you to take her back to them for a spay check. If you do not take her back then she may decide to give her up for adoption. You need to decide if you are going to let her go or keep her.

I'm not sure what you meant by "they have sd that her testicle is swollen and they think she is in heat agn" but it sounds like you think your dog has an infection? Is she having any other problems? If the breeder wants you to take her back then that tells me they want you to take the dog back and have it checked out. If she is fine why not let her have a litter and see what happens? The dogs aren't going to die because of it. If they are, the breeder is at fault.

That is a very bad idea to do anything to your dog other than taking her back to the breeder and get them to check the dog out. I do not think a breeder can ask you to take back a dog unless it is a medical condition and if that is the case and you refuse to take the dog back they can file a report.

They will be sending you a bill for the dog's operation. I do not know how much but my vet did ask me about what the dog had when I first got her, if I pd up front and I told him what she had he would have put in the time to get her spayed, it cost about $300, you need to take the breeder up on their offer to have her checked out. I know of one lady who has a friend of a friend who is a vet who does spay/neuter, she had to get her spayed a while ago and she was not able to get the surgery done until she was 3 months pregnant.

The breeder will also be telling you that the dog was in heat and that it was a mistake to have not had it spayed. You need to take her back and get the surgery done. They will bill you for it and it is your choice if you want to pay them or if you want to have the dog spayed/neutered.

The shelter will not want her back because you are putting her up for adoption, you are saying they will not kill her so they would be a waste of space.

If you want to keep the dog you need to make sure that the breeder will take care of the surgery. I don't know how much the surgery would cost, if it is a lot you can look for a rescue that will be happy to take her and will do the surgery for you and then you can be responsible for the spay and neuter.

Good luck to you and please do not take the advice of the breeder if they are not qualified.

I have one of those breeders as well, not sure what the rules are where you live but I took my dog back and they sd they would have to pay for her surgery (breeders can do whatever they want in some states, they aren't regulated at all). I was so pissed at the time, I told her that I was going to make sure I would put the dog up for adoption and that she would be the first person I called when she was adopted. I took the dog back and got the surgery done and then the breeder agreed to take the dog and do all the work for $200. So my advice would be that you do exactly what you are saying you want to do and make sure you are dealing with someone who is qualified, if you can get a good rescue they will have the spay/neuter done free and then you will only have to be responsible for paying the vet bill

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