Dog days ice cream

Dog days ice cream

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Dog days ice cream truck

The Ice Cream Truck is a British television program on Channel 4 that showcases homemade ice cream.

The show was created in 1995 by comedian and producer Danny Wallace and features Wallace's friend and chef Mark Hix. The Ice Cream Truck has been broadcast continuously ever since, and has become Channel 4's most popular television show. Wallace is credited as the creator of the show but is rarely on camera. Wallace's trademark is an off-beat delivery voice that he developed while performing at clubs in North London.

The ice cream is made using the ice cream truck concept, in which a mobile production van makes ice cream on site.

Awards and achievements

The Ice Cream Truck has won a number of industry awards. It was nominated in the category "Best Entertnment" in the Royal Television Society's 2001 awards, but lost to the BBC programme, Top Gear. Wallace and Hix were awarded the "TV Presenter of the Year" award at the 2004 National Television Awards for the series' first Christmas special. In 2007, the show won the BAFTA TV Award for "Best Entertnment".

Ice cream recipes

The Ice Cream Truck uses ingredients that have been bought ready-made and prepared by the show's team, so in addition to the ice cream, the truck serves a range of ready-made cakes, pastries, sauces, snacks and other accompaniments. The show is med at people who are concerned about the quality of the food they eat, as the team makes sure that they use only fresh ingredients. Wallace and Hix are not pd by the company that distributes the ice cream, and receive no money for appearing on the show, the company merely pays for the vans and other production costs.

In the first season, the ice cream was made in a large, wooden barrel (or in one case a big, brown sack), and was stored in a cooler, along with other ingredients. A more modern ice cream machine is used in later seasons. The ingredients are mixed by hand in a food processor before being scooped into the ice cream.

In the third season, Wallace introduced a new format, called 'Ice Cream Challenge', which consists of a series of challenges the ice cream team faces in order to win a cash prize for the company that distributes the ice cream. The Ice Cream Challenge challenges are med at encouraging people to eat ice cream. The show is currently sponsored by Kellogg's. In the first season, the contestants were selected from an open public audition. Since the second season, Wallace has selected people on Twitter whom he thinks should appear on the show.

The format of the show changes season to season. In some seasons, the contestants appear to make ice cream while other people, including Wallace and Hix, make a speech to encourage people to buy the ice cream. A large group of children (who also appear in later seasons) come onto the truck and eat the ice cream.

Coffee flavour ice cream is sometimes served in a coffee cup with a little ice cream scoop.

Show format

The programme takes place in a number of locations, including a local frground, the set of a local radio station and a town centre. In the first season, the team made ice cream at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London. The ice cream was eaten by Wallace and the contestants and by a group of children. Each team is given a different mission – for example, one team must make an ice cream for a horse racing event.

The Ice Cream Truck is run by two people, Danny Wallace and Mark Hix, both of whom have appeared in all but one episode. Occasionally, Wallace makes a cameo appearance in the programme.

Ice cream making

The ice cream truck concept was pioneered by Wallace and Hix's friend and friend Mark Hix. Both have a background in catering. Wallace developed a delivery voice in order to attract custom. He has sd that the voice comes from "eating so many pizzas in my youth, and the people who ordered pizzas". He has sd that he "cannot make a pizza as good as [Hix's] pizzas because I cannot eat so many pizzas."

When making the ice cream, Hix and Wallace use a food processor, which is a large, stnless steel metal bowl fitted with a steel blade at the bottom and an electric motor at the top, which spins the bowl. Ice cream mix is put in the bowl, and a blade scrapes the mixture across the bowl and into a storage contner. This is repeated as required. The machine was previously used by Wallace to make pizzas.

For the first three seasons, the ice cream was mixed by hand. In the third season, this was replaced with an ice cream machine. The ice cream is kept in the cooler that is used to keep other food items.


The ice cream mix used by the Ice Cream Truck is usually made with sugar, skimmed milk powder and cornflour. Some of the recipes use a proportion of chocolate, usually to make a richer flavour. For the ice cream, the team uses a number of different ingredients.


The ice cream truck van has a number of features that are designed to make it more comfortable to use for the people who drive it.

The van has an enclosed driver's cab, which is r-conditioned.

The cab has a television for use by the people who drive the van, and a refrigerator for storing food items. The driver's cab is fitted with a telephone, and a radio that plays music. In the van, Wallace has the

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