Do coyotes eat cats

Do coyotes eat cats?

by Jo-Ellan Dimitrius and Melissa Crouch

When our cat, Cheddar, mysteriously disappeared a few days ago, it was the one thing we were absolutely sure of: She wouldn’t have been able to survive alone in the woods. We know our cat, and she’s too trusting and sociable to survive on her own. We can’t leave her alone because it’s too risky to even think about leaving her out in the woods. So, we’ve tried everything from leaving her bowls and food out, to leaving her doors open, to putting a dish out on the porch, hoping someone will find her. We really, really want to find her. We’ve been through hell and back.

We’ve been waiting for a day when we have time and can search for her ourselves, or when an animal control officer or a neighbor comes over. We haven’t seen any animals or people walking in the woods or the back yards or the creek that runs through our neighborhood, though we do see signs of animals, like fresh droppings and trails, but we still haven’t found Cheddar.

Cats are pretty independent and can hunt and be hunters on their own, but we really feel like it would be a stretch to assume that our cat would be able to survive in the woods, let alone make it all the way back to us.

So, we called the animal control officer. He said that coyotes have been seen in our neighborhood and that he will look into it for us.

He says that you can find coyotes in the yards of our neighborhood all the time, but that most of the time, they’re just sitting there, like they’re waiting for someone to feed them. However, there have been reports that a coyote ran through the yards of one of the neighborhoods at one point, and that the home owners went out looking for it.

The home owners never found the coyote, and the coyote was never found. The owners assumed it was just a large animal, and they were grateful they didn’t get hurt when it decided to cross the street in front of their home.

The home owners were lucky. This was just one example of a situation where people were attacked and had to be hospitalized. We’ve read about someone who was attacked, but never came home. We’ve read about cats that were found and taken to animal control. We’ve heard about others that were just missing.

We can’t find Cheddar. We haven’t found her because she can’t find us. She left home because she was scared and because she didn’t have enough food to survive. I think that she’s probably out in the woods somewhere, looking for something to eat. Cheddar is a smart and smart animals, and if she can get on a bike and get to someone that can help her, she’s going to do it.

I’m happy to hear about Cheddar. I’m sad that she didn’t find a home that wanted to take her in, because I think that she would have been a great cat and someone would have loved her. Instead, she’s just wandering in the woods, looking for food, just like she has done for as long as she can remember.

So, while I can’t give her the home that she deserves, we at Meow Wolf have started a campaign to give Cheddar a nice home and a nice life. We’re making a few bucks so that we can do that. You can help by donating at

That’s the thing about cats. They make it so easy for us to fall in love. I don’t want Cheddar to wander off and get lost again. I don’t want her to starve to death in the middle of the desert, because she’s so scared that she doesn’t want to walk down any road that leads her back to her home.

So, here’s the idea: If you’re a cat person, if you’re a cat lover, here’s the best way that you can help Cheddar.

Cheddar is still a kitten, and she’s adorable. She can’t make it through the winter, of course, but the next spring, and maybe even the next fall, Cheddar could be in a good home. If you’d like to take her in, write down some info about you, where you live, and what you want for her. If you want to do this, just visit the donation site and make a donation. That’s all there is to it.

Thanks for your help, and I really hope that Cheddar finds a good home this time.


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