Touching animal fate: Dog Naki gets special prostheses

Touching animal fate: Dog Naki gets special prostheses

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It's great that medicine has now progressed so far: thanks to special prostheses, the dog Naki has four paws again and can romp around almost like a normal four-legged friend.

The dog Naki and his siblings were saved as puppies from a basement in Nebraska. It was so bitterly cold there that the poor animal's paws and part of its tail were frozen. Naki was therefore unable to walk and could only crawl.

Special prostheses as a paw replacement

Luckily, Naki came under the care of the dedicated veterinarian assistant Christie Pace. Together with a veterinary clinic, she started developing prostheses. Since the first attempts at walking with special prostheses were successful, the idea was pursued until the four prostheses were technically mature.

Naki: The world's first bionic dog

Now Naki is the first bionic dog in the world. He can walk properly again and play with his animal buddies. Even swimming is no problem for the brave four-legged friend - a great story with a happy ending.

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