Brutal crossbow killer shoots horses and cows

It is always frightening what people are capable of: An unknown animal torturer and killer is currently in mischief in Jena. Armed with a crossbow, he shoots defenseless horses and cows at night. Animal torment shoots horses and cows in Jena - Image: Shutterstock / Robert C. Tussey III

"Anyone who does this is sick in the head," quotes "Focus" Siegfried Stenzel from the district farmers' association Eisenberg / Jena / Stadtroda. There is nothing to add to this statement. For months, the unknown mostly hunted the willow animals around Jena in the dark. According to the authorities, 14 cattle and two horses have been injured. Most recently a horse died due to a gunshot wound.

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First animals, then humans? Fear of potential serial killer

The police fear that the poor animals could only be an exercise and that the stranger will start shooting at people at some point. Serial killers often tortured animals in their childhood and adolescence. What exactly is the reason for the sadistic and now murderous behavior remains unclear at first. With the help of the State Criminal Police Office, a perpetrator profile is now to be created in order to finally arrest the perpetrator.

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