Bernese mountain dog cartoon

Bernese mountain dog cartoon character

The Berner Mountain Dog, Berner Mountain Dog, Berner Mountain Dog, or Berner Dachsbracke in German is a cartoon character. The Berner dog of the Berner Mountain in the Alps is a large mountain dog, standing up to 120 centimeters tall and reaching nearly three kilograms in weight. The characters appear mainly in the cartoons produced by ZDF.


The Berner Dachsbracke was first created in 1955 by the Berner Schattenblatt, a Berner Schutzbund weekly magazine. The comic strip was named “Der dachswilde” (The mountain dog), or just “Das dachswilde” (The mountain dog), and began its publication in 1956. Der dachswilde was a Berner Schutzbund weekly humor magazine.


The cartoon character is of great size, standing up to three-quarters of a meter tall and weighing between 3.5 and 4.5 kilograms. The Berner dachswilde is a large mountain dog, which stands up to 120 centimeters in height, and which measures about 20 centimeters from shoulder to back. The dog is brown, reddish brown, white, black, and has long hair. It has bright blue eyes and its muzzle has an average length of about three centimeters. The dog has four paws, the front ones have claws, and the paws of the hind limbs are soft. The size of the feet varies. At times the dog has a small and thin tail. It can be distinguished by its unique way of walking, with its legs spread apart and the forelegs almost straight. The Berner dachsbracke has large paws, so that it cannot move on all fours. The dog's nose is big, and its tongue is thick and red. The dog has strong canine teeth, including a large set of canine fangs. The dog has a wide mouth, with a large, wide tongue and a strong jaw.

The Berner dachswilde also has long, yellow or brown hair, with little distinction between length, thickness, and color.


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