Mighty dog canned food

Mighty dog canned food

I've tried many foods for my three German Shepherd. What I found, after many tries is Mighty dog canned food from Costco. They have two versions, one that is grain free and the other that is grain free. I have tried both of them. I prefer the grain free one. This is just the brand name for the canned food I have used. I have seen them at Petsmart and Petco.

I have only given them the canned food for a year and half. I have not fed them a kibble since the beginning of the year. I also do not feed them any dry food. I only feed them the canned food with a few treats.

I found them by pure chance and bought them. One of the dogs (male) has a severe allergy to chicken. I'm not sure how severe it is. The vet had no idea about this, since the dog has been on a hypoallergenic diet for several years now. My vet did not even suggest changing to a grain-free food, which would be much less expensive and less time consuming for me.

I have never been asked if my dog has been eating chicken. I have told the vet and vet techs that he has severe allergies and he is on an allergy free diet. I was told that he can eat chicken if I want him to. When I asked my vet if he should be on a grain-free diet, I was told that I would have to ask the vet about that.

I thought maybe my dog was just sensitive to chicken. Since the vet said that it was not a problem, I continued to give him a can of chicken every day. It has been working great for the last year. My vet suggested this as a better diet than the prescription diet I had been feeding him. It seems to have the same calories, but has a little less fat than what he is on now.

My vet suggested that if I have a dog with severe allergies, I should ask about this, since some dogs are more sensitive than others.

This is a food that I will continue to feed my dog and try to find a food that is even better for him. I don't like that it contains chicken (so far he is not reacting), and I don't like that it is a high calorie diet (since I'm working on weight loss with him).

I'm not sure if any dog owners are having the same problem that I am with my dog. Any feedback would be great!

I've used the grain-free variety and find it to be the best canned food I've ever used (so far). I also mix it with a little dry food (a little over a cup for my two dogs). I have a puppy that will only eat dry food, and this food is the perfect compliment for him.

If your dog has an allergy to chicken, I'm not sure you can use a regular kibble that contains chicken.

I was reading about the problems with can foods in general, and have been feeding my dog for a few years a food that was grain free but did not specify exactly what the grain-free portion was made up of. I switched to a food that is a mixture of regular and grain-free and so far he has been fine. There are a few grains that are added and some of them are wheat-based, but my dog still eats the entire bag.

I just used a different brand. You have to read the label carefully. The one you mentioned is too expensive and I read that it contains chicken by mistake. I will definitely keep looking. My vet told me that I would have to call the manufacturer for more information about it.

It was a different brand, and I am glad that I asked here before going to the vet. I also asked the vet what his recommendation was and she recommended a different brand.

As far as I know, my dog does not have an allergy to chicken. He has never reacted to chicken in the past. I have not read anywhere on the can of dog food that says there is a problem with eating chicken.

However, I did notice that it has a lot of fat. That might be a problem for a weight loss diet.

If I could afford it, I would use a "premium" grain-free dog food and then also mix it with a little dry food. I know some of the regular dry foods contain chicken as well as the grain-free.

I just want to know what is considered a healthy diet for my dog.

What does "healthy" mean to you? You have described a balanced diet for your dog that seems to fit well with what your vet recommended. I've been feeding that diet to my two dogs for a long time.

When I bought them they were about a year old and weighed about 45 lbs each. I have lost 4 pounds in the past 2 weeks. They don't seem to be overweight. They do eat more than I thought they would, but they are very healthy.

They are both on a diet for weight loss. I have just switched the food to another brand and I have a plan to switch all the food over to a different brand within the next 2 months.

I know some of the canned foods that are grain-free have chicken in them. There is a good chance that your vet doesn't know about this problem. The food that you have been feeding him was probably a grain-free food that contains chicken by mistake.

I am going to look at some of the other grain-free canned food that are also grain-free, and see if any of them have chicken. Maybe some of them will be better.

The thing that I don't like about the grain-free food is that it contains a lot of fat. I am looking for a healthier diet for my dogs. I really like the idea of mixing them with a little dry food and feeding them less of a meal.

I'm not sure how much food they are actually eating right now, but they still seem to be fairly active.

My husband is working on a weight loss program with his dog. They weigh

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