Weak Age in Cats: Falling Asleep?

Some healthy and lovingly cared for velvet paws reach a proud age of 20 years. But if the weakness of the age is noticeable in cats, the question arises for some owners: Does my darling suffer and would it not be better to put him to sleep? Difficult decision: When should you put a weak cat to sleep? - Image: Shutterstock / VICUSCHKA

If the aging weakness in cats ensures that our beloved house tiger sleeps peacefully at the end of his life, then we can say goodbye with a crying and a laughing eye: Deeply sad about the big loss, but happy about the end of a life without health problems. But not every cat is lucky. Weakness in old age often brings with it physical ailments that make a cat's life seem like an agony from which we want to free the four-legged friend by falling asleep.

Symptoms of old age in cats

But is it up to us to make this decision? Weakness in old age in cats can manifest itself in different ways. The pet becomes sluggish, withdraws and prefers cuddling instead of romping. However, minor ailments should not seriously consider a pet owner asleeping his velvet paw. As long as symptoms such as poor eyesight or hearing, slight limping or weight problems facilitate a worthy cat life, we are obliged to do everything for our four-legged seniors.

Fall asleep when the suffering grows too big

However, if diseases of the organs, such as problems with the kidneys or digestion, or arthritis or tumors are associated with pain that is hardly bearable, which even a veterinarian cannot get, then nobody should categorically refuse to let his cat be put to sleep. Of course, no general statement can be made as to when the farewell brought about by the syringe is inevitable.

If, for example, an animal that has explored the world all its life awake is eventually severely and definitively restricted in its movement, the weakness of age in cats may mean greater suffering than for an already sedate cuddly cat. A good veterinarian will assist you with patience and understanding. Whether and when you want to redeem your animal remains ultimately your decision.