Dog grooming reno nv

Dog grooming reno nv

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I am looking to get groomed at a good groomer. I have two shetland sheep. one is a 2 year old and one is an 8 year old. They both need groomed. I was told i could go to a groomer in tucson and not have to pay for the groomer so i was confused what i need to pay for and i am thinking of bringing them in.

I don't want to pay for groomers to go to all the time so i want to find a groomer that i could go to on a regular basis and if i need to get groomed more frequently than every 6 months then i could just go to another groomer. I really don't want to pay for a person to come once a week if that.

The grooming price that was quoted to me is $85 for the 8 year old sheep. That seemed a bit steep to me. I have to pay for the grooming if i bring them in. This is what the quote sd. It didn't mention the price for the 2 year old one. I was thinking it was a lot more like $35. She sd it should only take 2 hrs to groom each sheep.

I live in rural nv. and it would be nice to find a groomer in a larger city but i would also like to find one in a small town that would be easier for me. I don't think there is one around my town.

Sorry, but I've not been to the pet co. I have been to the dog groomers in the big town but I didn't go out of my way. For all the local pet-n-human groomers, I'd recommend taking the pet (and the dog if you're having him groomed) to a professional. Most will come with a price list and, being local, would probably be willing to give you a good deal. My guess is that there are at least 3 "real" pet-n-human groomers in town. Maybe there are other ones who can do dogs and/or small animals as well. Good luck.

I'm a small town girl and have been doing the dog and cat grooming for a couple of years now. My husband gets his groomed at the pet co. I do about 3 1/2 hours and charge $50. Last year he was 9 years old and he's a big boy and my job would have been a lot harder and I wouldn't have done him as well. It's nice because you get one groomer, if the groomer is sick they send you to someone else. For small animals you're looking at $75-$85. I've been grooming for 6 years and I charge about the same as others but they're not real good when it comes to the dog and cats.

Thanks for all the info guys. I had not considered a place outside the county, but would have rather had one that actually has people inside who know the dogs. I was trying to think of a place that would just have the big dogs handled by an outside, but none really come to mind. I will look at the pet co. as well. I think I am going to take the old lady's dog tomorrow. Maybe I can get her to pay me, but don't know how likely that is, lol. Have a great weekend.

Well, I am back from work and got to see the old lady's dog. He wasn't going to hold still for anything, even when he was asleep. I don't think we can ever tell about anything like that in advance because we can't know how they are going to react. If you think that he may be really aggressive, you could always call the police and they can come check out the situation and take him to where he belongs. Maybe they could even contact his owner and have her come and get him, if that were true. I know you don't want to do that, but you should always be prepared.

A friend and I did this a few years back. We did it at a local pet store, I think it was called "The Pet Place". There was this little sign that had the store policy on it, you know the kind I'm talking about, they say things like, "No Pets under six pounds". Then in the fine print it says "we reserve the right to turn dogs away without notice". The first time I took my dog in for this, the old lady was really surprised, she didn't say anything at first, she just looked at me and kind of shook her head. I think I heard her say, "he's so big."

We took my dog in, he was about 30lbs, so maybe 4.5 kilos. I would guess that the sign was more for children, and not so much for adults. I tried to expln that my dog was quite well behaved and I was just concerned about him getting out. She wouldn't look at me anymore, and told me to take him back home, where he would go back into the pound. He was not a stray, he went to his family at that time and he just wanted to be with them.

I would have never thought that the sign could have such a huge impact on someone, but it did, and that woman was very angry. She kept talking to me about him. When she went off to tell the "manager" that I wasn't supposed to take the dog, the manager just laughed at her. Then when I started to leave, the manager pulled me aside and told me that we were talking about a little terrier. I really hope you got your dog back. I think that woman got in trouble. She might have even had to put up with police and all sorts of people.

You are my heroes! When I read that you were taken to the pound for a dog that weighed more than a child, I couldn't believe it. I hope you got him back (it's so difficult to tell if you don't have him with you!), and are still walking strong for his and everyone else's good.

You know, I was thinking of my dog as I wrote this. He is also 4.5 kilos. A nice little white spaniel. I don't know if there's a difference in weight for dogs, I'm only an average weight of 50-60 kilos...

Lucky for you the owner of the pound was understanding and understanding of the dog's size. I wish you could have talked to her directly. Dogs are like children, you know it can't be right for them to be that way, and you should feel sad. There is nothing worse than being in charge of a dog or any animal that cannot talk to you in any way.

Thank you for stopping to read it, and thanks for your feedback. I know they don't give you any good wishes but they might be thinking something like 'Well, the one that she got back is okay' and also the one that she didn't get back is still alive, she will do her best to do good and live her life.

I hope that the one she got back is a good match for her too.

And I hope they're nice and clean. I don't know if this is relevant but I found that out too late. This is really hard to tell with kids. You have to ask to see if they're clean. And sometimes you have to ask over and over.

I understand your experience with this dog very well. You're right. They are very good pets and we often have many dogs that we rescue from our local pound. If this had happened to me I would probably

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