Hair lice in cats: causes and symptoms

Hair lice in cats: causes and symptoms

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Cat lice are a rare, but very unpleasant and contagious type of parasite. They live in the fur of the house tigers, multiply there and cause severe itching. A shaggy cat that could scratch frequently could have hair lice - Image: Shutterstock / Nancy Bauer

Cat lice are very small, lice-like parasites that have no wings. They live as parasites in animal fur, and once they have made themselves comfortable there, they do not even think about leaving it again. Instead, they lay their eggs there and quickly spread throughout the fur.

How do the hair lice get into the cat fur?

The small parasites are usually transmitted from animal to animal, but can also survive outside the fur for a few days. This means that they can also be transmitted via blankets, brushes and sleeping cups that have been in contact with an infected animal.

Usually, only cats with poor immunity or a particularly thick fur that tends to knot are affected by hair lice. Frequent brushing and careful fur care are therefore good precautions.

Hair lice in cats: symptoms

To know if your cat is affected by the lice, it is important that you understand the symptoms. On the one hand, changes in the skin, for example dandruff, can occur. Infested cats often have dull, rough fur and often scratch themselves extensively.

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With advanced disease, hair loss in cats can also occur, which sometimes even leaves bald spots. The cat scratches itself so often that skin injuries, bloody spots and crusts can occur. As soon as you detect or suspect a parasite infestation, you should therefore see a veterinarian as soon as possible who can treat your pet.

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