Can i put baby powder on my dog

Can i put baby powder on my dog to make her more attractive?

How can I make my dog more attractive?

My female black lab is 10 years old, and I know shes looking old. Shes very shy and doesn't socialize with other dogs unless they are very familiar with her. she does however like to play and run. she seems to like dogs of all kinds, and has the energy to do it.

I would love to take her out to the lake to swim, but shes terrified of the water.

If she could be made more social and like to play with dogs, would that improve her life?


I would say there is absolutely nothing wrong with using powder to help her. However, you have to be careful what you're using. If you're using something like a baby powder you're using the product that is intended for babies, and there are definitely different types and brands that are better than others.

For example, the product "L'Oreal Baby Skin Powder" states on their product description that it is specifically for use on baby's, and states that there are no ingredients that will cause it to leave a residue.

There are no petrochemicals, dyes or additives, just simple and natural ingredients.

There is also a similar product on the website that has a label that states:

L'Oreal Skin So Soft.

It also states that it is intended for baby's, and that there are no ingredients that can be used to leave a residue.

Another product from the same company, "Skin So Soft," states that the product is specifically intended for human use, and that it is free of petrochemicals, dyes or additives, just simple and natural ingredients.

I don't have a dog, so I'm not entirely sure if this product would be safe for a dog, but I would imagine that it wouldn't hurt, because it is specifically stated as being for human use, and nothing about it would leave a residue.

You can definitely use something like this for your dog. It's just a matter of trying to find something that is safe and will be safe for your dog. I don't know of anything better than these two options, so that's my recommendation.


If it is meant for human use and can be used without leaving a residue, then yes, a baby powder will work.

As for the dogs, you could apply it directly to her skin. But to avoid the issue of her hair picking it up, I'd recommend the use of a product specifically made for dogs. That way you won't have to worry about your dog being affected.

The easiest solution is to get a doggy-specific baby powder. They usually come in a spray format (and often smell better) and are easier to use. They can be used for many different purposes (such as making your dogs coat shiny, removing unwanted doggy smells, etc.)

Here's a list of various doggy-specific baby powders that I found:

Baby Powder for Dogs (Spray)

Dog Powder - A natural, organic powder that helps your dog stay clean

Hound Powder Dog Powder - All-natural ingredients help your dog stay fresh


I can't comment on whether the powder itself would help your dog be more attractive, but there is a brand of baby powder that you can purchase specifically for dogs. It is "L'oreal Paris Skin So Soft." I have used it myself on my dogs and it works wonders.

You could find out more about it on their website here:

I also have seen other brands advertised for dogs online, such as this one:,qid=1479660130&,sr=8-5&,keywords=doo

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