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It has been almost an hour since the start of the event that is supposed to be the beginning of a discussion on the pros and cons of the new gun laws introduced by the state of Florida.

The topic is so far off-topic, I am pretty sure no one in the room of 20 is remotely interested in the subject matter.

Instead, an hour into the event, I am hearing about the first amendment, the second amendment, “assault weapons”, how many more hours of this is my vacation, and much discussion of where do they put all this political shit up on the wall.

For an hour, the topic was pretty much dead. For an hour. And yet, this was the first talk on a panel of experts that started an hour ago. The talk in the next few hours will have nothing to do with the subject at hand.

It was an interesting exercise in futility, that started out like this: “All of the guns in the country are owned by private citizens. But those guns are used by criminals to inflict harm on innocent citizens. That is an undeniable fact.”

I think most people are interested in why the NRA is against new gun laws, and what effect the new laws might have on the gun show circuit. In all seriousness, there is no reason for a show to have new gun laws.

The NRA has the money and the clout to change it, because they have the guns. But a new law on the gun show circuit? I’m not seeing it.

I saw another blogger call this a “shiny new toy” thing that the NRA was trying to sell. When the NRA says “The NRA has the money and the clout to change it”, what they really mean is “we have the money and the clout to not change it”. There was no money spent to get rid of the stupid gun show laws, but I suspect there’s quite a bit of money spent to keep them.

But that’s another story.

Now the second hour of this panel, I’m not even sure who these people were.

1. A man whose name I couldn’t even guess at, and who is obviously anti-gun. There was no way to tell how he felt about the NRA.

2. Another man whose name I couldn’t guess at, and who is anti-gun. I think he just loves the NRA.

3. A guy who I could tell that was an NRA member, who said that a good deal of the money spent on the NRA comes from local organizations. He said that if they spent the money on gun control instead, it would be going towards more violence.

4. Another guy who I couldn’t tell if he was an NRA member or not. He said that the NRA didn’t need to pay all that much attention to the gun show issue because it was going to stay as it was. That if anything, they should be attacking a gun with a child in it, which wouldn’t matter because it’s illegal to carry a gun with a child in it.

It was interesting, and a reminder that not everyone who is anti-gun has been brainwashed by the NRA, and not everyone who is pro-gun has been brainwashed by the NRA. It seems to be a mix.

At the end, the guy who started the NRA came back to talk to the audience and defend the NRA. I wish I’d taken a video, but I couldn’t think of a way that I could without either me or my roommates messing up the video and screwing it up. At least I was able to get one video when he was talking. It was on video from the start. I’m not sure that I’ll bother to get the audio, but I might at some point. I don’t want to be accused of editing the video to make me sound better than I do.

I didn’t know that he would do that, and I think that he really hit on something, which is that he is actually pro-gun. Most of the time, the NRA gets things wrong, and tries to make you believe that they are the only group that has a good solution. Most people agree that they are wrong, but they’ve been wrong for so long, and so many people think that they’re right, that it takes some time to get them to change their mind. It’s not that easy.

One of the guys who came to the house to pick me up talked to my roommate, and my roommate told me that he’d met some guys that were in school with me, and that we met at the protest. So, I talked to them, and then they called me because they were going to the rally, so I talked to them some more. Then we met up and took a cab to the rally, and I saw some people I knew and a bunch of strangers. At the rally, the crowd was huge. I can’t believe that it was a third of the population.

A bunch of guys from the school I was at stood around talking to me, asking me what I was doing at the rally, and taking my phone number. I told them that I was recording, and that I was going to send them video. When they were going back to class, a guy from ROTC walked by. I asked him to stay to talk, and he told me he’d call me when he was done, and then he started to walk off. I called him and asked him to stay. He got back to the rally about an hour later and talked to me more, and then he gave me a ride home.

He told me that he was a member of the Black Power Movement, and that he’d been there for about forty years. He told me a little about the movement, and he told me about Martin Luther King Jr. I found it amazing that I had a chance to meet someone who had been in the movement for so long, and who was still willing to talk to me.

Most of the kids I’d been hanging out with were afraid of this guy, but he told me that he didn’t want me to be scared. He said that he knew what it was like to grow up and watch people die, and he wanted me to come around and talk to him. He said that the only way I’d get in his life was if I talked to him, and he told me that he wouldn’t force me to do anything. The kids that I’d been hanging out with wouldn’t really talk to him. He said that he was used to being treated that way, but I was the first person that he had been talking to that was interested in actually listening to him.

At about 9:30 I left his apartment, and got home at about 10:30. It was going on midnight when I got home. He said he’d call me when he was done talking to the cops and the district attorney. He called me while he was still talking to them. He said he’d talk to me after they left, and so I asked if I could come back around to his apartment. He said he didn’t want anyone to see me, and he didn’t want his

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