Karakachan dog for sale

Karakachan dog for sale

I have a 3yr old karakachan male dog who is ready to go to his new home. I bought him when he was a pup about 2yrs old and he is already 4.5 lbs. He was rsed inside in my apartment and not allowed to go out or walk. He was potty trned but he was not house broken, so i have to go to the dog park for him to go outside. But he is house broken. I am asking $125 obo, and he is up to date on his shots and his health is good.

I do not have a photo right now. Please call me at 613-879-0208 for more info.

Karakachan male dog for sale

My karakachan dog is 2yrs old and is up to date with his shots. He was purchased by me when he was a puppy about 2yrs old. He is potty trned and housebroken, but he is not leash trned yet. I do not have a photo yet. He is 4.5lbs and weighs about 35lbs. I am asking $125 obo. Please call me at 613-879-0208.

I will accept a deposit of $75 as my deposit for his boarding, and I have a doggy door for him. If you wish to pay the remning $50, you can do so on the day he is to be picked up. Please call or text to arrange pick up.

The karakachan dogs are very smart and are very affectionate with people. They love to be near you and will follow you around and keep you company. They are not aggressive and do not make a lot of noise. They are very easy to trn, so you can start out with just a couple of minutes of trning every day. The karakachans can be socialized to almost any age, so you can start with an older karakachan when you get one.

They are very good with children, adults, and other dogs. I have karakachan dogs living in apartments with me, and they have not been any trouble at all. The dogs that live in my apartments have gone to dog daycare, which is like a doggy day care and they can spend the day with other dogs there. I have also sent my karakachans to doggy day care on occasion. The karakachans are very obedient, and they are not very active dogs, so they do not make a lot of noise. I will not take them to doggy day care, but if you want to arrange that with someone else, they can go to daycare and you can pay to have them board at my house, and you can pay for their doggy daycare at the same time.

The karakachans love to eat! My dogs have been on a raw diet, so they can eat anything that is not mushy or mushy-mealy. I do not think any karakachan dog would prefer mushy foods over cooked foods, but they will happily eat

Watch the video: Family of Karakachan dogs playing together (November 2021).

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