Dogs are better than people

Dogs are better than people." "I don't get the joke." "Oh, boy." "Come on, let's get a sandwich and talk about the case." "Okay." "You got to stop doing that." "Hey, who you talking to?" "Nobody." "You just talk to yourself a lot." "It's really annoying." "Oh, boy." "So, what are we gonna do about the mystery woman?" "We're still analyzing the hair, but there was nothing in the database to help us." "And we're not getting any hits from the missing-persons Web sites, so the only other thing we have is a shoe print." "And, of course, we're running it through the print database, but so far we haven't hit anything." "Yeah, what about the tire tread?" "Nothing." "We got tire tread from three different vehicles on this beach, so whoever left the print on the sand was in two or more different cars." "Unless you count the guy with the green Camaro." "Yeah, but he's not a suspect." "We can't rule him out yet." "Right, but that makes me feel better." "Oh, look at that." "We're getting hits on the shoe print." "The last name is Grady." "Oh, my God." "Where'd you find him?" "A homeless shelter." "His name's, uh, Kevin, actually." "All right, let's go talk to the kid." "Kevin, uh..." "we're from the crime lab." "We'd like to ask you some questions about what you found on the beach." "So we're going to take you to our office and talk with you." "But I just want to tell you one thing:" "My mom loves you." "That's nice, buddy." "I'll be okay." "My mama loves you." "My mama loves you." "What the hell is going on here?" "Kevin?" "Hey." "What the hell?" "He's going to be fine." "He's fine." "This is the car, right?" "Yeah." "It was parked right here?" "Yes." "Did you see anyone in this car before the accident?" "Did you?" "You were in the parking lot?" "No." "But you saw that car out there." "Who was driving?" "Was it..." "Kevin, who was driving?" "Kevin..." "Kevin, please." "Kevin, who was driving?" "It was just me." "I-I got my learner's permit." "I-I'm not a-a real driver yet." "Please stop talking." "Kevin, it's okay." "Kevin, it's okay, honey." "Kevin, it's okay, honey." "It's okay." "It's okay, honey." "So you're telling me that you were on the beach, in the back seat of your car, by yourself." "That's right." "I couldn't sleep, so I took a walk." "And I saw this light in the water, and I-I waded out and I pulled it out of the water and it was a life ring." "I was so happy." "I called for help." "This other man found me and took me back to the beach house." "The next thing I know, my friends were calling." "I just want to go home." "Okay." "You're doing fine." "Now, have you told any of this story to anyone before?" "No." "Your dad?" "No." "No." "Good." "I just have a few more questions." "What happened next?" "I don't know." "I don't know." "Where's my dad?" "Please, he's lost." "If you've seen him, please tell me." "He hasn't checked in at the house or called anyone." "Where is he?" "I don't know!" "No, no, no." "Come on, stay with me." "Stay with me." "Where is he?" "We have to find him." "Okay, I want to know where he is right now." "You have to help me." "Please." "Yes, sir." "You have to help me." "Please, I want to help him." "Don't you understand?" "If he's lost, we can find him." "Can't we, ma'am?" "We'll get him." "We will." "It's not a lost-and-found." "You have to put this out on the beach." "Yes, sir." "You have to help us." "Please, you have to find my dad." "You have to help us." "We can find him." "We can find him." "Please, find him." "I just want to know he's safe." "Please help me." "Please, help me." "I just want to know he's safe." "This is what I do." "I can help you." "Please help me." "I know who you are." "You are who I am." "No, sir, that's not true." "Please." "Just calm down, please." "Calm down." "I am the doctor, okay?" "He's my father, my mother." "Listen to me." "I know who you are." "I have a friend who's very sick right now." "The reason I'm in this situation is because I was looking for the doctor." "I found you and now we have to get a hold of your father." "And we will." "I just need you to tell me where he is." "That's all I need." "Please." "Please, ma'am, please." "Can I call him?" "Can I..." "You have to turn around." "No, you have to turn around." "No, you have to turn around." "I need you to give me a number, please." "You're in the wrong place." "What are you..." "You're in the wrong..." "Come on, now." "I need you to go home and do what you do." "Go home." "You go home, you do what you do and you call me the second your father gets home." "What's your name?" "Kendall." "Kendall." "Kendall." "Please help me, please." "Please." "Thank you, Lord." "Please help us, Lord." "Kendall!" "Hey, Kendall, are you there?" "Pick up, man." "This is James." "I'm outside your house." "You have to come home right now." "What is going on out there?" "Just get..." "Just get in your car and come home, man." "James?" "He's here." "James!" "Daddy!" "Kendall, where are you?" "He just came at me with a knife and now he's running away." "I don't know what..." "James?" "James!" "Get down." "James?" "What do you see, man?" "It's a white truck, James." "James, look at me." "Look at me." "Okay." "It's okay." "All right, get down." "Get down." "Get down." "Okay, that's okay." "Okay." "Oh, man." "You all right, brother." "We didn't know it was you." "Okay." "All right." "You all right?" "Yeah, you're okay." "Thank you, God, for getting me here." "What happened?" "What happened?" "

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