Why does my dog look sad

Why does my dog look sad?" "Well, I got a little confession to make." "I told my wife I like you." "And I can't lie to you." "I don't mind if she knows about it." "We don't mind." "What are we, bad people?" "A couple of bad people." "You know what?" "I'm gonna take a little break." "We'll talk later, though." "Yeah, sure." "Well, we'll..." "We'll come back in a little while." "Why don't you come with me?" "You can tell me about the big things." "There's lots to tell." "Like what?" "Like what?" "Well, like your name and stuff." "Why don't we talk about that later?" "Do you wanna know my name?" "Yeah." "Samantha." "What kind of a name is that?" "It's a really pretty name." "What does it mean?" "Well, it means "to look at the stars" in Greek." "Greek?" " Yeah." "That's great." "You know what?" "I think I met someone Greek a few years ago." "He was a really nice guy." "We used to talk about the stars a lot." "Where'd you meet him?" "At a nightclub in Dallas." "Dallas?" " Yeah." "Right." "That's a long way to come to meet someone you had a one-night stand with." "Well, you're gonna have to accept the consequences of what you do." "If you're not careful." "That's what I think." "Yeah?" "That's cool." "Yeah." "You know what?" "I gotta be getting back." "It's been a lot of fun." "I think it's been fun." "Yeah, it's really been..." "But it's been really great talking to you." "Well, I'm glad we could meet." "Let's do it agn sometime." "Yeah." "Maybe we can do that." "Yeah." "Okay." "So long." "Bye." "Bye." "Yeah." "See you." "So how do you like him?" "He seems pretty good." "He's pretty good." "He's..." "He's great." "Great." "What?" "What's wrong?" "He's just one of those things that you can't find." "One of those kind of things." "I think I found one." "I met a guy who was really really nice and interesting and really special." "And he wasn't a one-night stand." "He was Greek." "He was a professor of astronomy." "He's a really cool guy, and he's married." "And I'm really happy." "Okay." "Well..." "What happened to that professor of astronomy?" "Who sd I was married?" "It was all in your head." "Really?" "So you were just gonna dump me?" "No." "I'm a nice guy." "No, you're not." "You're a dick!" "Yeah." "You're a dick." "I'm a dick." "Fuck." "Do I love this?" "So?" "So what happened?" "I got a divorce." "Why?" "I don't know." "He didn't leave his job, and he didn't want kids, and he thought I was going to, you know..." "I mean, he just..." "He just wasn't in it." "What about you?" "What's going on?" "Nothing." "So I guess I'm just wting to get married." "You think it's gonna happen?" "I don't know." "Maybe." "My cousin's getting married." "I'm going to her wedding." "That's nice." "Yeah." "It is." "I wish I was going with you." "That would have been nice." "But, no, it's good, it's fine." "Hey, we had a great time the other night." "Yeah, I'm glad." "You should call me sometime." "What about your roommate?" "She's nice." "It's just I think it's always gonna be this way, you know?" "You're on your own, and that's just it." "That's the way it is." "I'm not trying to be mean." "And what about you?" "I don't want to sound dumb, but I'm not ready to be on my own yet." "I don't think I'm gonna be on my own." "I don't want to be alone." "And I think that we're going to be fine." "So you do think that we're going to be fine, right?" "We're gonna be fine." "We're not gonna be fine." "We'll see." "Yeah." "It's kind of scary, but it's nice." "No, I like it." "Me, too." "I know." "Do you think he still feels bad about the whole thing?" "Who?" "Josh." "Who?" "Who?" "Josh?" "No, why?" "I don't know, just..." "How does he feel?" "I don't know." "I don't know." "But I do know that he sd, you know, he wished that he was going with you, so..." "You wish that you were going with me?" "Yeah, I do." "You're all I've ever wanted, so..." "But you're not." "You know, I..." "It's not that I don't want to be." "I know, I just..." "I'm getting so much better, so much better, and..." "And I don't want to blow it now, because we're just so far apart." "Yeah, I know." "Yeah." "You know what I was thinking the other day?" "Why don't we just go and..." "Why don't we just do it?" "Like, we'll pack everything up and we'll just go." "We'll just go, okay?" "You don't think I want to do that?" "No, I don't." "It's just..." "The thing is, it's my last year here." "You know, I have to get that job, and, like..." "I mean, even if I got it, there's no way that I could afford to move you and the kids." "You know, so I mean, it's just..." "I just..." "You know, I want to enjoy this time with you." "Oh, no." "I don't want to enjoy this time with you." "I want to enjoy this time with you, with you." "With you." "I'm gonna be out of your hr in a month or two, anyways." "You won't even know that I was here, so..." "Okay." "But you have to promise me that, no matter what, you are never gonna try to make me leave my kids." "You promise?" "You have to promise." "Yeah." "Promise?" " Yeah." " That's my girl." "All right." "Okay, let's go." "Hey." "Hi." "Hi." "Hi." "Oh, uh..." "Hey, what's this?" "We're actually gonna be in the same city in a couple of weeks, so..." "Um, I thought I'd just give it to you." "You know, I figure, you know, you might need a handkerchief for those important first dates, or..." "I don't know, just something you might want to keep close, you know?"

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