If kittens are given too early: problems

If kittens are given too early: problems

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At six weeks, kittens are still too young to be given away - however, it often happens that they are conveyed so early. Read here what problems this can entail. Kittens need the protection and upbringing of their cat mother - Image: Shutterstock / Lubava

Most of the time, the little house tigers cannot cope well with their health or soul if they are separated from their mother and siblings earlier than twelve weeks. The health problems are not only a big burden for the tiny ones, but can sometimes be life-threatening.

To give young kittens: Danger to health

Moving means stress for every cat that very young kittens cannot yet endure - which of course is a problem for them. On the one hand, the kittens under 12 weeks of age still lack the immune system, and on the other hand, if they are not close to their mother, the little ones are often so sad that they get sick as a result.

Changing the diet when moving is too difficult for cats who are too small: they need very small portions several times a day and prefer to drink from time to time with their mother. If kittens are given too young, this can lead to serious digestive problems, as well as sucking on everything they can find, and never turning them off when in doubt.

The vaccinations, which are very important before moving, are still missing for kittens under twelve weeks, because they are usually only given when the little ones are between eight and twelve weeks old.

Cat education: problems due to early delivery

Especially between the ages of six and twelve weeks, cat children learn a lot from their mothers that make their later life easier. They explore the area with her, get to know how to deal with people and thereby consolidate their character. The cat mother also limits them if they are too cheeky, which helps them learn to deal with frustration and anger. The kittens become stress-resistant and learn to walk around the world without fear.

Cat mums and their kittens: Look-a-like contest

By playing with their siblings, they learn social behavior and the controlled use of their claws and teeth. Even a loving person cannot teach them all of this, so that handing them in too early can result in misconduct such as scratching, biting and aggressiveness or uncleanliness. Anxiety and anti-social cat behavior are also not uncommon.

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