Novel protein dog food

Novel protein dog food

Novel Protein® food has been formulated to offer pet owners the opportunity to make better eating choices. It’s a whole food formula that combines healthy proteins with essential nutrients to ensure that your dog’s body gets all the food it needs, but never any more.

All foods offered at the Dog Store are formulated and processed in Australia. We make all foods avlable in Australian currency and offer an Australian warranty on all of our products.

We love our dogs. That's why we carefully blend together carefully selected premium, Australian meats, healthy fats, and proteins to create a high protein diet for dogs. All products offered at the Dog Store are processed in Australia.

We've created a new range of products exclusively avlable at the Dog Store. These are the same amazing products that we are offering to humans, just in a convenient, chewable tablet form!

Our dog chews contn a high protein formula, designed to help support digestion and healthy immune function.

We've combined these formulas with premium Australian meats and healthy fats, to create a range of healthy, nutrient dense products that allow for a high level of flexibility.

Dogs that take a Novel Protein® dog chew everyday will find that their digestion is supported, their immune system is strengthened, and that they are healthier.

Our chews are a great alternative to traditional dog treats and contn a high protein formulation that allows them to be an effective source of nutrition for dogs who would like something other than fresh food or table scraps.

Dogs love to play games with their food, so make sure you give them something that keeps them entertned too!

Dog chews are designed to be very easily broken into small pieces to easily feed into a pet's mouth and encourage fun chewing.

Novel Protein® dog chews are created to include the finest Australian meats, healthy fats, and proteins to provide the support and nutrition your dog needs.

What are your dog's favorite dog chews?

Novel Protein® dog chews are just as tasty as our other products, but are designed to be easier to break into pieces and swallow, without causing them to choke. The chewable tablets also make for a good way to easily disperse the chew's content throughout your pet's day, without the mess!

Dogs love to eat their food, so if you feed them in different ways, there are chews that will help support their digestion.

Dogs are more likely to choke on a product like a bone or rawhide chew if they are too big to fit easily into their mouth.

Our chews are individually packaged in a resealable plastic contner so you can easily separate them as your dog eats them and keep them clean for future use.

Not only are our products great tasting and nutritious, but they're also very cute! They're avlable in three different varieties, and come in classic colors to match any dog's personal style.

Our dog chews are great for all types of dogs, from small and toy breeds to large breeds. They are especially recommended for dogs with shorter teeth, or for dogs who do not like to chew on rawhide.

There are chew-friendly dog chews for just about every dog size and dog toy. Just find the chews that are most likely to taste best, and your dog will never have a problem with any one of them.

The key to making your dog's chew experience pleasurable is choosing the right chew that meets your dog's chewing needs.

Are any of your dog chews broken in half?

Novel Protein® dog chews are not divided into half portions. This is because they are designed to fit in your dog's mouth and help support their natural chewing abilities, not to be separated in half.

Are any of your dog chews rawhide?

Novel Protein® dog chews are not rawhide. Rawhide, by its very nature, is completely unsuitable for a dog to chew. It is too tough to digest and cause digestive problems for dogs.

Our dog chews are safe and gentle for your dog's teeth and gums.

When it comes to dog chews, it is very important to have products that can be effectively used to keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy and clean. Novel Protein® dog chews are designed to be just that, chew toys that can be safely used to clean your dog's teeth and gums without damaging them.

What are dog chews?

Dog chews are chews for dogs that are often made from many different natural materials like kibble, meat or bones. Dog chews are usually very soft and come in different shapes and sizes. You can get chew toys to fit any dog's chewing needs and preferences.

How do dog chews work?

All of our dog chews work through many different ways, including mechanical, mechanical-biomechanical and biological. These methods work by promoting the dog's natural desire to chew and clean its teeth.

Mechanical chews work by creating resistance that is necessary to get the teeth moving and cleaning. Chew toys and treats work in this way, however, chewing a toy or treat can be much too intense for some dogs and can cause them injury. On the other hand, Novel Protein® dog chews are specifically designed to allow your dog to chew for a longer time and get the necessary exercise for cleaning its teeth and gums.

How do dog chews work by mechanical-biomechanical?

Mechanical-biomechanical chews are chew toys that work through both mechanical and biological actions. The mechanical action works through the teeth and helps your dog clean its teeth, while the biological action works through the stomach, to break down the chew into digestible matter for your dog to consume.

Where can I buy Novel Protein® dog chews?

If you want to buy Novel Protein® dog chews, you can find them online or at some pet stores. You can order directly from our website, or at some stores you may have to call to place an order. We also have our dog chews avlable at our dog trning center.

Can dogs eat a dog chew?

Yes, a dog chew can be a great treat for dogs that are already well fed. However, if your dog is not well fed, it is not recommended. If your dog does end up eating a dog chew, it may cause discomfort to your dog's teeth. Instead of eating a dog chew, you should consider some good food like beef, chicken or liver.

Are Novel Protein® dog chews safe for dogs?

Yes, all of our dog chews are safe for dogs, even the super chew we sell called Nitro. While we recommend not using a super chew with your dog unless it is well-regulated, a dog chew is a healthy treat for your dog.

If you are still wondering whether a dog chew is safe for your dog, here are some general safety guidelines for dog chews:

Never use a dog chew as a toy for your dog. Your dog may choke on the chew and could end up in the hospital.

If your dog is small, your dog may choke on the chew. If your dog is large, the chew may fall down your dog's throat and into its lungs, or even if your dog is not choking, it could be inhaled or swallowed.

Never give a chew to your dog when it is hungry. If you feel you are about to give your dog a chew, call you veterinarian first before giving a treat to your dog.

We recommend not giving a chew that your dog has

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