Holmes county dog warden

Holmes county dog warden

Holmes county dog warden is a county based small business in the United States that specializes in dogs and in the apprehension of dog offenders. The dog warden service mntns a network of dog pounds and operates the dog catcher that is responsible for the apprehension of dog offenders in Holmes county, Ohio. The dog warden service provides a safe haven for dog owners who need to surrender their dogs. Many of the dog pounds also provide free veterinary care to homeless and abused dogs. Holmes county dog warden is also a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and the national animal cruelty coalition, Canine Advisory to the U.S. Congress. The dog warden service also operates a website that allows dog owners to contact the dog catcher or to find a local dog pound.


Holmes county dog warden was first created by a group of concerned residents who felt there was a need for a dog warden service in Holmes county. The first dog warden was a member of the Holmes County Humane Society. However, the dog warden service expanded to more than dog pounds and was no longer under the supervision of the Holmes County Humane Society. The Holmes County dog warden service became known as the Holmes County Animal Protection Agency after its creation in 1996.

In 2004, the Holmes County dog warden service was created as an independent business and its mn service was changed from apprehending dog offenders to dog surrender. This expansion of the service allowed the dog warden service to take on dogs and dog pounds in Holmes county and to expand its service to dogs and dog owners. The dog warden service expanded its territory after it was given the opportunity to manage multiple dog pounds in Holmes county. It was also given the chance to open a facility that it could run as a nonprofit.


The dog warden service provides shelter for dogs who have been abandoned and also takes care of the dogs that have been surrendered to them. The dog warden service also provides a shelter for homeless dogs and provides food, medical treatment, and rehabilitation to the dogs that are at the shelter. It also provides animal control services for dog complnts. Dog warden service is known for providing a dog pound that has a safe, clean, and sanitary environment for the dogs. The dog warden service also provides veterinary care and rehabilitation to animals who are victims of abuse and neglect.

Dog warden service is also known for being a community service organization. The dog warden service provides services to both the county and surrounding communities to help them out when they need it. The services that the dog warden service offers include the opening and closing of dog pounds and animal control services.

Criticisms and criticism

Holmes County Dog Wardship Service has been criticized for its aggressive and inhumane animal control practices. While its service is known for taking in dog offenders and holding animals for as long as ten days, this practice has been criticized. A petition was circulated to change the name of the dog warden service and make it the Holmes County Animal Shelter. The reason why was because the name of the service caused more public criticism. Because of the criticism, a group of people from the dog warden service's office is seeking to have the name of the organization changed.


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